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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Alhambra Personal Injury Lawyers

Residents of Alhambra might seek the services of a personal injury lawyer for a number of reasons. After a vehicle accident, victims might want to know their rights in seeking legal compensation. While these types of accidents are common reasons to contact a lawyer, a person could also be the victim of a medical injury, such as a brain injury, spinal injury, cerebral palsy and others, as a result of the actions or negligence of a hospital or medical professional. Other types of injuries might include construction or on-the-job accidents, dog bites, burns, premises liability, defective products and slip-and-fall accidents. In any of these cases, a person might need the help of Alhambra Personal Injury Lawyers.

California Accident Statistics

While vehicle accidents represent just one type of personal injury case, people might automatically think of these when thinking of personal injuries. California accident statistics report on the number of people who are accident victims across the state on an annual basis. In 2011, the state reported more than 160,000 traffic accidents. This number equals more than 443 accidents per day or an injury or death due to an accident every three minutes and 15 seconds. Despite these staggering numbers, this included the fewest number of fatalities since 1935 and the fewest number of injuries since 1968. Almost 1,600 people lost their lives in the state in car, van or truck accidents. Speed was listed as the main cause of accidents.1

Deadly Alhambra Tractor-Trailer Accident

In one example of an Alhambra personal injury case, a truck driver lost his life just before 7 a.m. on Jan. 30, 2014, after he flipped his vehicle in North Carolina. A passenger was also in the vehicle but was expected to completely recover. The tractor-trailer company was based in Alhambra. A witness reported that the driver hit the median, overcompensated and ran off the road when the vehicle flipped through the guardrail and numerous trees. Authorities did not think that drugs, alcohol or medical problems were a factor, and the weather was clear at the time of the accident. However, the driver had just obtained his commercial license about 30 days before the incident, but officials were further investigating the accident.2

Representing Injured Victims

When someone tries to seek compensation for injuries suffered through any type of vehicle accident, premises liability, medical mishap, work-related injury or other personal injury, they might not know where to start. Insurance companies might not have the best interests of the victim in mind and just want to resolve the case swiftly. However, an Alhambra Personal Injury Lawyers might be able to help clients determine if they are making a fair offer. If not, they might be able to help clients seek fair and just compensation.

Alhambra Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Walking is one of the activities that Alhambra residents enjoy. It is a good mode of transportation, and it also provides a healthy alternative to sitting in cars. Unfortunately, when people choose to walk, they put themselves in a vulnerable position. They basically put themselves at the mercy of individuals who are driving automobiles on the road. Sadly, many motor vehicle operators do not give pedestrians the respect that they deserve. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the year 2009, more than 4000 pedestrians died. Death is often the unfortunate result of automobile accidents that involve pedestrians. In situations where death does not occur, it is not uncommon for pedestrians to walk away with very serious injuries. Residents of Alhambra who are the victims of pedestrian accidents, or who have friends and loved ones who are the victims of these types of accidents, should present their case to Alhambra Pedestrian Accident Lawyers.

Pedestrians Right on the Law

In many cases, by law pedestrians who have been involved in an accident have the right to make a legal claim against the motor vehicle operator who caused the accident. It is difficult for an individual on their own to determine whether or not they are eligible to make this type of claim. Insurance companies will do everything that they can to minimize the amount of money that they have to pay out. This includes attempting to minimize the fault of the motor vehicle operator in an attempt to lower the amount of money that is due. For this reason, it is imperative that people who find themselves in this situation find Alhambra Pedestrian Accident Lawyers and let them explain the rights that you as a pedestrian have.

Reasons for Accidents

There are many different reasons for pedestrian accidents that occur. The vast majority of these reasons involve negligence on the part of a motor vehicle operator. This negligence could include driving above the speed limit, driving while distracted, or driving while under the influence. Alhambra Pedestrian Accident Lawyers have the job of helping their clients unravel the particulars of the case and identify who was at fault for the accident. Even if it becomes clear that the pedestrian and the motor vehicle operator share guilt for the accident, this does not mean that the pedestrian who was injured is not entitled to compensation.

Speak to a Lawyer Now

When it comes to filing for personal injury cases in Alhambra, time is not on your side. The law limits the amount of time that can pass from when an incident happens to when a person can file a claim. For this reason, it is important to communicate with Alhambra Pedestrian Accident Lawyers quickly after an accident takes place. Let them use their years of experience to help you get the legal protection you deserve.

Alhambra Car Accident Lawyers

With all there is to see and do in Alhambra, it’s no wonder that plenty of vehicles drive down the roads every day. With all of this hustle and bustle, unfortunately, car accidents do occur. Some people are tempted to resolve the issues by themselves; however, hiring an Alhambra car accident lawyer instead has these major benefits.

Serious and Grave Consequences
Car accidents involve all different types of situations. Some are just minor fender benders while others can have serious results. All too many car accidents end in the death of an individual and loved ones left behind who are searching for answers. Alhambra car accident lawyers can help get to the bottom of the car accident and find ways of obtaining reparations for those who have been left behind.

Alcohol and Drugs
A variety of factors can influence a car accident, and not all of them are as sinister as drug and alcohol usage. However, an Alhambra car accident lawyer will help in determining if these factors were at play. If the other driver was found to have drugs and/or alcohol in his or her system, then you may very well have a stronger case. Knowing whether or not the driver was intoxicated is crucial.

Cell Phone Usage and Seat Belts
An Alhambra car accident lawyer can also help you to determine how these two elements affected the car crash. For example, the other person might have been texting or talking on the cell phone when he or she crashed into you. A passenger in a car could have been flung out of the vehicle because he or she was not wearing a seat belt. Understanding how these laws influence an accident is necessary to determining who is at fault and what the reparations should entail.

Accounting for Medical Bills
Unfortunately, many car accidents do end in injuries. These can be severe. People might experience a concussion or other trauma to their brain, or they could break bones in the crash. Individuals might have permanent damage to their spines or have to face the consequences of whiplash for the near or distant future. Medical bills can be extremely expensive, and this is especially true for individuals who do not have the proper insurance. An Alhambra car accident lawyer can help you to get the money necessary to cover these bills in both the short and long term.

Being involved in a car crash is something that no one wants to happen. These types of accidents have both short term and long term consequences, and the effects can even be fatal. No matter what the circumstances are of the situation, working with a trained and professional lawyer is a smart move.

Alhambra Car Accident Lawyers

Personal injury cases are incredibly common, with millions being filed in the American court system every single year. If you’ve recently been in an accident, you may be considering filing one of these suits yourself in order to receive compensation for lost wages, medical bills and just pain and suffering. If you’re thinking of filing a personal injury case in your local court, you should remember that having a lawyer by your side is the best way to improve your chances when you’re in front of the judge. There are a couple of reasons why hiring and working with a personal injury lawyer is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

They’re Experts in Their Field
Personal injury lawyers are experts in this specific field of law. There are literally hundreds of different lawsuits that can be filed, from criminal law to traffic law. Because of this, you want to know that you’re working with a lawyer who is specific to personal injury suits. This will put your mind at ease knowing that your attorney has worked on hundreds of cases just like your own and has gotten fantastic results for their clients.

They Answer Your Questions
Your personal injury lawyer is going to be there to answer any and all questions that you might have yourself. Dealing with a personal injury case can be confusing at times, and you may not even know what to expect before and after going to court. Having a professional attorney there who is going to be able to answer these legal questions will help you to understand the process a lot more. It’s great to know that you are also able to both call and email the lawyer whenever you want to receive these important answers to your questions.

They File Paperwork and Go to Court with You
Your personal injury attorney will also be the one who files all paperwork for you and actually goes to court with you. If you can’t actually go to court because of your injuries, your attorney will represent you in front of the judge so that you have a good chance of winning the case. Your lawyer will file any and all paperwork so that this doesn’t become confusing for you when you’re trying to have your case heard in the court in front of the actual judge.

Alhambra Bus Accident Lawyers

Hundreds of Alhambra residents depend on daily bus service to get to important destinations such as work, schools, hospitals and government offices. Under California’s Duty of Common Carrier law, all bus drivers are mandated to practice safe driving habits when transporting passengers.

Unfortunately, the carrier law is sometimes breached and bus accidents occur in California for a variety of reasons. A serious bus crash can significantly disrupt the lifestyle of injured passengers. Surely, the operator of a bus must be held reponsible for any accidents that occur on the road. In such unfortunate cases, passengers may want to consider using Alhambra bus accident lawyers to recover financially and emotionally from a crash.

Bus Driver Record History

Lawyers in Alhambra have the right to fully review the driving record of a bus driver that has been responsible for an accident. Official records from the California Department of Motor Vehicles can reveal if a bus driver has a prior history with traffic violations while operating commercial and passenger vehicles within the state of California. In fact, lawyers can also obtain the driving record of bus drivers that have operated motor vehicles in other states besides California. Previous motor vehicle convictions can indicate if a bus driver is likely to be responsible for a recent bus crash. Additionally, Alhambra bus accident lawyers can thoroughly check the professional training background of a bus driver that is accused of neglect and causing an accident.

Looking at Bus Safety Violations

A bus that has been involved in an accident in Alhambra is most likely to have some sort of safety violations. By reviewing yearly inspection and service records, lawyers can prove that a bus company has neglected certain mechanical repairs. For example, failure to replace worn out brake pads is a safety violation for a commercial bus providing public transportation services. Malfunctions in tail lights and headlamps can also be proven as elements of neglect for a busy that is involved in an accident.

Legal Representation for Bus Passengers

Bus accident victims may struggle to receive a full and fair compensation from the insurance company of a bus operator. Alhambra bus accident lawyers can help injured passengers receive the fair amount of compensation for medical expenses associated with the trauma sustained during a bus accident. Such lawyers can cut through bureaucracy and other legal barriers that may slow down the process of insurance companies giving out payments to passengers.

California state law gives passengers involved in bus accident up to six months to report an official claim against a company responsible for the accident. Alhambra bus accident lawyers can fully represent the interests of injured passengers whose lives have been significantly altered by a bus crash.

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