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Arcadia Bus Accident Lawyers

Hundreds of Arcadia residents depend on the buses each day to get them to and from work, school, appointments, shopping and other activities. California’s common carrier law mandates that bus companies, and operators of other transportation systems, use “care and diligence” when transporting passengers.

When this law is breached, bus operators place their passengers in jeopardy. A mechanical failure or a bus accident can result in passengers being injured and unable to maintain their quality of life. In these instances, passengers want to hold the company responsible and look to Arcadia Bus Accident Lawyers for help.

Investigating bus operators’ record
Arcadia Bus Accident Lawyers investigate different types of crashes involving public buses, school buses, tour buses and charter buses. One aspect of the investigation is determining the role the bus driver played in the accident. The bus operator’s driving history is reviewed to see whether the operator has been involved in other vehicle crashes. Lawyers can find the company was negligent if they allow bus drivers with bad records to continue driving.

Investigating bus maintenance
Another factor involved in investigating a crash is whether the bus company properly maintained its bus fleet and how frequently the vehicles were inspected. Buses need continual upkeep since they run for miles each day through all types of traffic. Failing to inspect the buses and make necessary repairs places passengers at serious risk since a lack of maintenance affects how the buses function.

Representing injured passengers
Passengers proceeding on their own to seek compensation for their injuries may run into bureaucracy from a bus company or its insurance company. Insurance companies may offer a settlement to injured passengers, but Arcadia Bus Accident Lawyers will know whether the offer is a fair amount. A passenger with a serious injury may require extensive medical treatment or physical therapy, which means that their health care expenses will continue to increase. A one-time settlement is not going to compensate the passenger for these out-of-pocket expenses. Arcadia Bus Accident lawyers will fight for the rights of their clients to receive the compensation they are entitled to by law.

California law allows filing personal injury lawsuits within six months of the date of an injury caused by a bus crash. If you or someone you know have been injured in a bus crash, then contact Arcadia Bus Accident Lawyers early on to help you navigate through the red tape and get you the help and compensation that you need.

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