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Arcadia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Of all the types of auto accidents, one of the most tragic is when an automobile hits a child. This type of accident will almost certainly end in serious injury or death for a child, because driver speed is often a factor in pedestrian accidents.

Drivers in Arcadia are required by law to use diligent care when it comes to children walking, running or bicycling on city streets. Driver negligence is one of the largest reasons for pedestrian accidents in California. When a child is hit by a negligent driver, an Arcadia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer can help.

Sorting Through The Facts Of A Case

In cases where a driver hits a young child, many legal factors may be involved. Driver negligence can be caused by distraction from cell phones or other media, inappropriate speeds, failure to observe stop signs, or not observing pedestrian right of way at intersections or crosswalks.

California laws regarding pedestrian accidents are complicated. At the time of an accident, a parent’s emotions leave him all but incapable of properly handling the legal matters surrounding his child’s accident. An Arcadia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer can act as the child’s advocate to obtain the best settlement possible in his case.

Payment of Medical Bills

One of the first and most immediate needs when a child is injured by a negligent driver is proper medical care. Medical bills after a pedestrian accident can be severe and long-lasting. An Arcadia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer will work with insurance companies, doctors, hospitals and staff to assure that proper medical care is provided, and hospital bills are paid for by the litigant or his insurance company.

Difficult Cases

In cases where the driver has no insurance for his vehicle, or was intoxicated while driving, it may be necessary to bring the case to court in order to obtain the best settlement. Without proper legal help, a legal case can drag on for years. Arcadia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers are well-trained in pedestrian law, and they work with a panel of experts, whose goal it will be to obtain as large a settlement as needed, in as brief a time as possible.

A parent’s best defense when his child is injured in an accident by a motor vehicle is to call an Arcadia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer will work on behalf of the child at every step of the legal process, so that all legal options available are utilized for the child’s medical well-being.

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