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The Attorney Hiring Process

31 Jul 2017

At times, people get entangled in adversities that touch on legal matters. To the lay person, the understanding of judicial proceedings is hardly achievable. Having a lawyer can alleviate a lot of undesired outcomes from a court hearing, especially when you are the defendant. Apart from cases about DUIs, divorce, child custody, or even for will-writing purposes, an individual can elect to hire an Personal Injury Attorney.

Also referred to as trial or plaintiff attorneys, personal injury advocates litigate on cases by representing a plaintiff who has is allegedly injured, either physically or psychologically due to the negligence or carelessness of another party. It may be a person, agency or a firm. Amid the myriad circumstances and forms of injuries, how do you embark on the process of hiring the right attorney? Here are some fundamental factors to consider during your search.

Start with Your Inner Circe

As in most occasions when you find professional services, the most resourceful platform to commence your search is by making inquisitions with a person whom you share a mutual trust. This individual can be an ally, relative, neighbor or an expert advisor. This approach, however, won’t elicit the exact answers to land you at a personal injury lawyer, but the attorneys you find can equally recommend you to the right lawyer for you.

Online Search

Candidly, there is a level of inaccuracy in the lawyer rating systems available online. A useful website for finding legal counselors is Not only do you acquire accurate ratings for lawyers by their peers, but the site also features other crucial information about the legal representative. Further, an Personal Injury Attorney can be found in the New York’s State Bar Association.

Opt for Small

There are many law firms, and all carry in size, ranging from a single lawyer to a host of thousands of attorneys. The size of company matters. Unless you are in a capacity to hire such a multitude of attorneys for a significantly defining case, you should think small. Injured individuals are in need of a negotiator to win over the case. A small firm will surely surmount the situation, though letters from large law firms are highly regarded.

Education and Training

There is no unique feature in the training path pursued by an injury attorney other than the conventional training procedure applicable to any legal advocate. Hence, the potential lawyer you decide to hire ought to have a Law Degree certificate. Additionally, they must write and pass a bar examination. Lawyers specialized in personal injury probes can also be certified as experts in civil trial advocacy, following a training program by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification.

Determine the Fee Structure

The payment policies applicable to attorneys are mainly in three forms; a flat rate, by the hour or a contingency fee (a percentage of the compensation amount). None of the payment policies are limited to a definite case. Personal attorneys, for instance, charge a contingency fee, unlike business attorneys who mostly charge a flat-rate charge. Typically, the quality of service depends on the costs.

Schedule an Appointment

Visit the potential lawyer’s firm in person, so you consult on important details and to have a clear determine the level of professional aura hovering within the company. While consulting the attorney, ask them about the number of years he or she has been in legal practice, and the track record of wins in cases involving injured plaintiffs. The answers to these answer two queries: their ability to emerge victorious in the case, and their availability to litigate on your behalf.

Hiring an attorney is not compulsory for all cases, for the involved opposing parties can equally agree to settle the case through arbitration. Situations that command the intelligence of a lawyer, finding a reputable and experienced advocate, hiring one can make a huge difference.

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