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Bellflower Bus Accident Lawyers

In today’s economy, countless Bellflower residents rely on public bus transportation, 5 to 7 days a week, for employment, education, important doctor’s visits, grocery shopping, and recreational activities. It is mandated through California’s common carrier law that all bus drivers, regardless of affiliation, follow through with public transportation safety guidelines when driving their passengers from place to place.

Unfortunately, mechanical failures or unexpected bus accidents can occur due to poor maintenance or faulty driving, leaving unsuspecting passengers left to pick up the pieces after life-altering injuries take over their lives. Some bus accident injuries are so severe that victims can barely function in their daily lives, as a result. When bus laws are breached, for whatever reason, injured passengers naturally want to seek damages from the bus company and call on Bellflower Bus Accident Lawyers for assistance.

Investigating the Bus Operators’ Driving Record: Whether injuries occur on a school bus, city bus, charter bus, or tour bus, Bellflower Bus Accident Layers can investigate each case with concise detail. We can determine the exact cause of the accident and whether or not the bus driver is at fault. We carefully review the bus operators’ driving record to see if he or she has been involved in any prior bus or non-bus related accidents as well. If the bus driver is found to have a poor driving record, California law states that lawyers are obliged to hold the bus company responsible for allowing “bad drivers” to operate a bus.

Bus Maintenance Investigations: It is a sad part of life that some bus companies refuse to regularly maintain their buses as a way to pocket extra money. Overtime, this mentality can have an adverse effect on how a bus operates, leading to flattened tires or dangerous electrical failures. Bellflower Bus Accident Lawyers can determine a lack of upkeep on a bus, to further increase your chances of receiving proper compensation for your injuries.

Representing Injured Passengers: It can be very difficult for an injured passenger to seek damages independently from a bus companies’ insurance company. Even when compensation is received, sometimes it is for a lesser amount than what the passenger deserves. When unexpected medical expenses take over a victims’ bank account, Bellflower Bus Accident Lawyers know that a one-time settlement will not fully cover the victims’ out-of-pocket expenses for heath care and physical therapy sessions, and we are here to help you get the compensation that is rightly yours.

If you or someone your love has been seriously injured in a bus accident, now is the time to let Bellflower Bus Accident Lawyers help you get the compensation you need so that you won’t be “duped” by a greedy insurance company. You only have six months to file a personal injury lawsuit, starting from the day of the accident; so don’t delay the justice that you deserve.

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