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Burbank Car Accident Lawyers

For people that live in the Burbank, California area, driving a car may be a practical necessity to get around, get to work, and run any personal errands. While most people will drive a car safely the vast majority of the time, the amount of cars and other vehicles that are on the road on a daily basis greatly increases the risk that someone will ultimately get into a car accident.

While most car accidents are simple fender benders, some can be far more severe where damages can run into the thousands of dollars and someone may even need medical attention. In these cases, the best option would be to hire an attorney to provide representation and help you through the legal process that can follow a car accident.
When you hire a Burbank attorney that specializes in car accidents, you will receive a number of different services that can provide you with a significant amount of value.

Investigate the Accident
If you are in an accident that is somewhat significant, the police will likely come to the scene to fill out a report. However, since they have to deal with a lot of these, the report may not be very detailed and include all of the pertinent information. The attorney that you hire will spend some time analyzing the police reports, talking with witnesses, and coming up with a conclusion as to who is at fault and whether the other party was negligent and liable.

After they have come up with their final conclusion, the attorney will be able to provide you with a free consultation. The consultation will include telling you whether or not the other party is liable, what your chances are of winning a case or settling out of court, and what the final damages given to you could be. Based on the information that you receive in the consultation, you will be able to decide if you want to pursue the case through the court system.

Handle the Red Tape
One of the biggest challenges that you would have if you file a lawsuit without an attorney is filing all of the necessary paperwork. When you file a lawsuit in Burbank, California, you will need to fill out a considerable amount of paperwork and other information. unfortunately, if you make a simple mistake, it could lead to a significant delay in the process. If you use an attorney for this part of the process, you will be assured that everything will be done correctly and that the lawsuit will be processed.

Settlement Negotiations
Once the lawsuit is officially processed, the attorney will help you with the settlement negotiations. This can include negotiating with the other party and the insurance companies.

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