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Should I Call a Lawyer Referral Service?

Unfortunately, there are times when worst comes to worst and accidents happen. In New York City, you know things move fast. In these situations, it’s great to have an personal injury lawyer. However, in the midst of the drama, panic and chaos following an accident, sometimes it’s hard to get your bearings and figure out what to do first or who to turn to.


When you find yourself lost in the process of finding a lawyer, you might consider calling a lawyer referral service like 411-PAIN or Ask Gary. A lawyer referral service’s purpose is to refer people to attorneys based on their expressed needs. The referral service will interview you and then refer you to one of the lawyers on their list. With all that said, should you call one of these lawyer referral services?


Before that question is answered, it is important to understand how a lawyer referral service works. These services build their lists by allowing lawyers to buy their way in. Because of this, it is not necessarily the skill or track record of a lawyer that allows them access to the referral service’s list. You could argue that a lawyer who would pay to be on a list is determined and knows what they are doing, however this is not always the case.


With that said, a lawyer referral service could potentially make the process of finding an personal injury lawyer go by a lot quicker for you. In the urgent circumstances following a serious accident, that time you save can mean a lot. Calling a lawyer referral service and speaking to their staff may also reveal that you don’t even need a lawyer, which can also save you a lot of time and trouble.


When using a lawyer referral service, you may sometimes be charged a small fee for the help the provide you. However, there are also some services that will help you for free. If you do choose to use a referral service, this fee could be considered reasonable in return for the great amount of time you can save and convenience you will be granted.


It would do you well to research different referral services before using one. Just as you would look into a lawyer before hiring one, you should put the same amount of research into the lawyer referral service you might use. Choosing the right referral service means going with the right list of lawyers to choose from. You should always look at customer reviews before making a decision and calling in.


To bring matters to a close: should you call a lawyer referral service? If you’ve been in any kind of accident and are now looking for an personal injury attorney, you’re going to want to make the process of finding one go by quickly. The time following an accident is precious, and you won’t want to waste any of it by taking too long to find a personal injury lawyer.


So should you call a lawyer referral service? The answer isn’t so simple. Calling a lawyer referral service might save you a good amount of time, but the amount of time it may save you is questionable. If you know how to properly search for a personal injury lawyer, it may take you the same amount of time to find one as it would to call a lawyer referral service and have them find one for you.

In the end, it is ultimately your decision whether you should or should not call a lawyer referral service. If you feel that you simply don’t have the time or energy to find one yourself, then – by all means – a lawyer referral service could help you out a great deal.

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