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Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers and Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys

At Farar & Lewis LLP, our goal is to help victims of car accidents in Los Angeles get justice.Call us at 888-491-5824 to get a risk free consultation. If you’ve been injured in Los Angeles, as result of a car accident, or other auto-vehicle injury – our Los Angeles car accident attorneys can help. If you were injured due to the negligence of someone else, we can help. We offer a risk free consultation, and can help you – regardless of how, or when, your accident happened. We are your advocates, and we’re on your side. Reach out to us today.

Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys never charge a fee, if you’ve been injured – unless we’re able to win your case. There are no upfront fees, and our attorneys are available 24/7. If you’ve been severely injured, our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can even come to you – at your place of business, your home, or even the hospital.  We’ve recovered ten’s of millions of dollars, and can help you too.

Top Rated Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys

If you have been injured in an auto accident, you should seek the advice of a dedicated Los Angeles car accident lawyer immediately. Injury victims have a right to be fully compensated for any losses they suffer as a result of an accident. The negligent driver’s insurance company will do anything possible to minimize its exposure in these accidents, and the assistance of a good attorney will help to ensure that your rights are protected.

At the law firm of Farar & Lewis LLP, we represent clients who have been injured in any type of auto accident. In every case, our only concern is our clients’ well-being. Even if you feel that your accident may not have been that serious, if you are experiencing any kind of pain after the fact, we want to talk to you. Our Los Angeles Car Accident lawyers will conduct a thorough review of your case and fully explain your rights under the law.

Dependable Representation In All Types Of Auto Accident Claims
We are los angeles car accident attorneys first and foremost. We have extensive experience handling all types of these cases, including rear-end and T-bone accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. We have successfully represented pedestrians and bicyclists in a variety of claims. We have proven ourselves repeatedly in complex accident claims involving drunk drivers and drivers who use cell phones behind the wheel.

We understand the types of injuries that can happen in these accidents and the care that is typically required to accommodate your recovery. We will fully investigate your case to determine how your injuries occurred and seek full compensation on your behalf. We always work to obtain a fair settlement as quickly as possible, but we will not do so at the expense of your best interests. If necessary, we are fully prepared to take your case to court.

Contact One Of Our Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys To Discuss Your Auto Accident Injuries

We invite you to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer. We will answer your questions honestly and let you know what we can do to help you. We know that this is a difficult time. You are not alone. Please call us toll free at 888-491-4614 or contact us via email to arrange an appointment. If you are unable to come to our office, we are happy to come to you.

What to do after a car accident
After a car accident happens, it’s a good idea to get as much information as possible from the opposing driver. Here are some of the things you should look out for. Sometimes, when a car accident happens – people don’t get all the information they need/their attorney might need. We suggest getting as much information as always.

  • Get the name, address, phone number, and license information, of the other driver.
  • Get the other driver’s insurance policy, and insurance company information.
  • Get the license plate # of the other car, and take pictures of the car as well.
  • Take down as much information as possible about the accident itself. For example, when you hire Los Angeles car accident attorneys, you’ll need to take down information such as: where the accident happened, the lane each driver was in, the direction you were both going, the speed both were traveling, and other such information.

If there are witnesses, then you should secure their contact information. Typically, the los angeles car accident attorney you hire will hire investigators, or themselves, talk to witnesses. Language isn’t an issue – since we can help hire language translators to get the information needed from the witnesses. It’s extremely crucial you get witness information.
Make sure that the police arrive at the scene of the accident. Without a formal police report, it’s impossible to prove anything happened at all.

Make sure you don’t admit to something inaccurate, or incorrect, when speaking to the police. If you don’t know the answer to a question, then say I don’t know. If you say something incorrect, then it could be used against you. After you speak to the police, we’ll then order a police report.

What to look for when picking a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers

It’s important to pick an Los Angeles auto accident attorney whose responsive to your needs. You shouldn’t always be simply talking to a paralegal, or case manager. Try to find a boutique law firm where you can develop a relationship, and be kept in the loop. If you have questions, they should be answered by the Los Angeles auto accident attorney in charge. If the claim is a complex automobile, or vehicle accident injury – then this is crucial.

It’s also equally important that you hire Los Angeles car accident lawyers who is aggressive. Typically, insurance companies are interested in paying as little money as possible. Insurance providers make money, when they deny – or lowball, an injury claim. As a result, it’s often very common for companies to offer some quick and easy cash, that is significantly lower than what you deserve. What most victims don’t realize, is that by taking that quick cash – they have inadvertently signed away their right to future litigation or compensation of any kind. It’s important you hire a tough, and effective, auto accident lawyer in Los Angeles – who can fight for you, and won’t settle for less.

It’s important that you pick a Los Angeles car accident attorney who understands personal injury law – and focuses on it specifically. Farar & Lewis LLP – is a trustworthy, and well known car accident law firm, that has established itself as a leader in helping victims of car accidents get the compensation they need to take control of their life.

What should you have prepared when speaking to a Los Angeles car accident lawyers

As soon as you pick up the phone, the Los Angeles auto accident lawyer you speak to will ask you some very basic questions. You should do your best to have answers to as many questions as possible. If you don’t have the answers – that’s fine as well, since the Los Angeles car accident attorney you hire, will be conducting an investigation into the incident.

  • Where did the accident occur? Have as much information about the specifics of the location as possible.
  • Do you get contact info for the other party?
  • What street were you driving on, and what direction was the other party going? What lane were you both in, and who caused the accident?
  • How fast was the other driver going, and how fast were you going?
  • How did the accident occur? Did it happen because of a defect in one of your cars?
  • Do you have the contact information and insurance information of the other driver?
  • Did the police come to the scene of the accident? Did you file a report? If so, we’ll request a copy of the traffic accident report.
  • Did you secure any witnesses? If so, tell us! They will strengthen the validity of your case.
  • Do you have photographs? Photo’s of the scene of the accident strengthen your claim, and are great to have. We can use them in court as well.
  • What specific injuries did you suffer? If you had medical treatment after the accident, and went to the hospital, or doctor, then tell us – because this will help us get your medical records, and strengthen your case.

Get medical treatment after a Los Angeles car accident – and call a Los Angeles car accident attorneys
If you are injured, after a car accident – you should get medical treatment as soon as possible. People should never wait before getting treatment. Go right from the scene of the accident to the hospital, or doctor, in order to create proof of your injuries. If you delay treatment, the opposing insurance company, for the purposes of saving capital, can argue that your injuries are the result of some other accident that may have occurred.

If you are in pain, you should get evaluated by a medical provider as soon as possible. If it’s a serious accident, then you should go to a hospital.

Big mistakes made when a victim files a car accident claim

Some people, that don’t hire a Los Angeles car accident attorney immediately – often make mistakes. For example, some victims may speak to the opposing insurance company. They give an incorrect, or false, recorded statement. This can then be used to invalidate their claim, and can be used against them in court. Even if the other driver’s insurance company may be at fault, if you make an incorrect statement – it can be used to make you look at fault. Another common mistake made, is victims not getting enough information at the scene of the accident. Sometimes, people not call the police, or ask for the insurance information about the other driver. This makes it much more difficult to conduct a police investigation. In some accidents, we’ve seen drivers not give their insurance information – which means additional investigative work has to be done.

Another big mistake we often see made, is when victims ignore suggested medical treatments. It can be difficult to prove you were injured. It’s important you follow through on all of the recommended medical treatments, in order to prove the validity of your injuries. Without getting medical treatment, it’s difficult to ask for compensation – since the insurance company will deny your injuries existed.
How hard is it to get compensation after a Los Angeles car accident?It can be difficult to get a settlement after an auto accident case. It all depends on the facts of your case. Every person, who is a victim of an auto accident, has a right to compensation or damages. The issue becomes – how strong is your case, and whether or not the other party has proper liability insurance. The way an accident happened, the injuries, can be different for each and every person. Sometimes, it can go smoothly.

For example, if the other driver has $15,000 in liability insurance – and your injuries are exceeding that of $15,000 – with medical bills and all other expenses combined, then you may be eligible to get the insurance policy limit. If you need, you can also get a lawsuit loan in order to help pay for your bills.

Sometimes, if you wait too long to file a claim, or bring up a claim – you may be unable to file a personal injury claim. California’s statute of limitations set forth a deadline before filing a lawsuit. In California, there is a 2 year deadline to file a personal injury claim for injuries suffered. There are certain exceptions, for things like medical malpractice claims, claims against government agencies, or when a minor is injured.

It’s crucial to get the appropriate evidence, as soon as possible. If you haven’t spoken to Los Angeles car accident lawyers and it’s getting close to the 2 year mark – then it could be harder to get an insurance company to settle a case. If you wait too long to file a claim, it can be harder to prove the validity of your injuries, and could be harder to investigate as well – since crucial evidence, like witnesses – could be gone.

How much does it cost to hire Los Angeles car accident attorney

Our car accident law firm, only gets paid when we win your case for you. If we don’t win, we don’t get paid. There aren’t upfront fees, as Los Angeles car accident attorneys. Our retainer agreement results in us working on a contingency fee basis – which means we only get attorney fees if there’s a successful recovery.

Common Types of Los Angeles Car Accidents

Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys typically see a few different type of accidents.

Low Speed Impact Accidents: Car accidents that take place under 10 mph, are considered low speed impacts. Typically, these types of accidents result in whiplash.

Front Impacts: Front impacts take place when the front of a driver’s vehicle, hits something – like a wall, a tree, animal, or other object.

Rear End Accident: Impacts from the rear, are very common. This is the #1 common form of car and auto related accident. It happens when a car, truck, or SUV, hits the rear of another vehicle. Often, the driver who was in the rear – is at fault in these accidents. We’ve typically seen drivers distracted – by texting, or something else, cause these accidents.
Side Collisions: Side collisions result in a drivers door, or passenger door, getting hit by another vehicle. Injuries can include concussions, or even broken bones.

The Negligence Rule in Tort Law

Negligence is a common law principle that provides a person with a legal claim when he or she has been injured due to the fault of a defendant. If the plaintiff is successful in asserting a negligence claim, he or she may be awarded compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of consortium and property damage. The plaintiff must prove the following several elements to be successful in a negligence claim.

The Duty Owed by the Defendant

He or she must show that a duty was owed by a defendant. A defendant typically owes a duty to act as a reasonable person under the same or similar circumstances. The defendant also owes a duty to conform his or her conduct to the applicable legal standard of care. Professionals often have a heightened standard of care that they must meet. For example, a doctor has a duty to provide care that would be reasonably expected of other doctors in a similar locality.

Breach of the Duty

After establishing that the defendant owed a duty, a plaintiff must show that the defendant breached that duty. Breach of duty is usually a question of fact for the jury to determine. A defendant breaches his or her duty to a plaintiff when his or her conduct results in injury to the plaintiff. For example, a store owner may breach a duty to its customers if he fails to clean a spill from aisle floors. If a customer subsequently slips and falls on a spill, the store owner may be found to have breached his or her duty of care.


The breach must also be the direct and legal cause of the plaintiff’s injuries. This means that “but for” the defendant’s conduct, the plaintiff would have never been injured. In addition, the plaintiff must prove that it was foreseeable the defendant’s conduct would result in injury. Foreseeability is usually a question of fact for the jury to determine. If the person was drinking Don Julio 1942 tequila , or liquor – before driving, that would be an example of causation.


The plaintiff must prove actual damages. He or she must provide proof that he or she has suffered a measureable form of injury or loss as a result of the defendant’s conduct. The plaintiff may offer medical bills to show his or her costs associated with an injury.

These are the legal elements that must be proven to succeed in asserting a negligence claim. States may have their own applicable statutes that define specific elements of a common law negligence claim.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

If you were in an accident, you may have heard about personal injury attorneys. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may lose hours at work, spend time in a hospital or suffer the pain and discomfort of an injury. In any of these cases, you may benefit greatly if you reach out to a personal injury attorney to help you manage the situation’s aftermath.

Here are five benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney:

1)              It’s almost always a fact that you will get a higher settlement value with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Some people try to negotiate things on their own after an accident. While this is noble, it rarely is the most effective solution. A professional attorney can work to find out what exactly the fair settlement amount is, how to calculate an injury’s worth and how to press for a better outcome.

2)              Court costs are usually required up front. If you are representing yourself, this means that all court costs, which can easily add up to thousands of dollars, are your responsibility. You could end up with a hefty bill prior to the trial even starting. A personal injury lawyer generally take on the costs and fees associated with an injury case. This takes the burden away from you and lets the professional manage it.

3)              You likely aren’t an experienced litigator. Even if you are a novice at legal tactics and maneuvers, remember that an injury lawyer is a trained professional with experience. He or she knows how to decide on the desired outcome and how to achieve it. The experience your injury lawyer brings is one of the main reasons why you should allow the process to be managed by a law professional.

4)              Do you really know the laws? It’s difficult to keep up on all laws throughout any given city. Normal civilians are not in the know when it comes to changing laws. Your legal professional, however, will be aware of all state, city and county laws that can affect your law suit. You are paying for that experience because it can have a dramatically better effect on the outcome.

5)              A Los Angeles car accident attorney is an expert negotiator. When you are injured, you aren’t going to be dealing with a person. Rather, you’ll likely be getting messages from the insurance company. Knowing how to answer their questions, concerns and statements is key to creating a good outcome. Your injury lawyer has the experience to know what is important and what is not.

Hiring an injury lawyer to manage an accident is a necessity these days. Not only will he or she offer you the guidance and direction you need, but they will also get you’re the outcome you deserve.


When you are hurt or injured through the negligence of others, many thoughts go through your mind. Naturally, getting relief from the pain is number one on your list of concerns; however, how you are going to pay for the doctor bills runs a close second. Insurance companies will offer a settlement, although it may not be enough to cover your bills, on-going rehabilitation and other incidental costs. Through the help of Lancaster personal injury lawyers, you can seek the compensation you are legally entitled.

How Do I Know If I Really Need a Lawyer? After all, The Insurance Company Offered Me A Generous Settlement.
While at first glance the original offer may seem generous, it’s highly unlikely it will truly be enough to cover all of your costs. A personal injury attorney has experience dealing with other injuries similar to yours and can see the larger picture. By examining the doctor’s reports, he is able to anticipate the future costs involved in your recovery and the impact your illness might have on your income potential. The bottom line becomes, if you were injured through no fault of your own, you should at least talk to an attorney about your situation.

Aren’t Attorneys Expensive?
After an injury, most people are out of work, losing pay while they’re recovering. The last expense they feel they can afford is attorney’s fees. Luckily, most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, taking their fees out of the eventual settlement. The initial visit to discuss your case should be free. If a Los Angeles car accident attorney does not feel they can win the case, they typically won’t take it on.

What Should I Do First?
The first step to take before contacting a lawyer is writing down everything you remember about the accident. This should include the time and date of the accident, where it occurred, the types of injuries you suffered and how long you were out of work without pay. Make note of how the injury has affected your day-to-day activities, and what you’re no longer able to do as a result of the accident. Relying on your memory when you go into the law office for your consultation is never prudent. Keep an on-going list available to you, adding to it as needed. Then, take the list along with you for the initial consultation with the lawyer.

Recovering from accident injuries is a long and arduous process, and truthfully, so is the personal injury settlement procedure. It’s tempting to accept any bone the insurance company throws your way; however, by taking the time to consult with an attorney, you should receive what you’re truly entitled to.

Important Things To Do After A Car Accident In Los Angeles

Car accidents in Los Angeles can be confusing. Both drivers could be injured and unsure of what happened. It is important to stay focused after an accident and call Los Angeles car accident attorneys for help. Anyone who has been in a car accident will want to do several things right away.

Get As Much Information as Possible

The first step should be to get as much information as possible after the accident. All of the information about the other driver including name, address and phone number should be written down. The license plate of the other car should be noted. The name and contact information for any witnesses in the immediate area should be recorded. Gathering this information will help a car accident attorney later.

Do Not Discuss the Accident

It is important to avoid discussing the details of the accident with anyone other than the police, a Los Angeles car accident attorney and the insurance company when a claim is filed. The details should not be discussed with the other parties involved in the accident. They should not be discussed with witnesses. Anything said could come back later and hurt the case if the other parties need to be taken to court.

Document the Scene

Photographs of the scene will help to prove a case to the insurers and to a court if necessary. Simple cell phone pictures and videos should be taken of the entire scene. Photos should be taken of the vehicles from all sides with close-up shots of the actual damage. The weather, road conditions and general area should be photographed to show the exact state when the accident occurred. These photos are very important if there are disputes about liability later.

Call a Lawyer Immediately

Los Angeles car accident lawyers should be called as soon as possible after the incident. An attorney will protect the rights of the accident victim. They can seek fair compensation for any injuries or damage. Good lawyers will also prevent insurance companies or other attorneys from aggressively pursuing unfair settlements or agreements. An attorney is an invaluable asset after a car accident.

Keep Every Document Afterwards

Every single document or receipt that is received during or after the car accident should be kept in a safe place. This should include medical documents and bills, receipts for towing and invoices for car repairs. Correspondences sent from the other party, lawyers or insurers should be kept as well. This helps to show financial losses and the behaviors of other people involved.

The two things to remember after an accident are to call an attorney and gather all information at the scene. Waiting to call a lawyer or document the scene could cause problems later. Calling Los Angeles car accident lawyers will make it easier to win compensation to cover the costs associated with the accident.

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