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Pico Rivera Bus Accident Lawyers

Bus transportation is vital to many Pico Rivera residents every day as they travel to and from work, school, medical and other appointments, stores, and other important activities. The common carrier law in the California state statues mandates that bus operators and those running other transportation systems use what is termed “care and diligence” when moving passengers from place to place. 

However, when this law is violated, transportation enterprises can put their passengers at risk. Mechanical failures or bus driver errors can result in accidents that injure those on-board. When it is time to hold the company responsible for any negligent acts, look to Pico Rivera Bus Accident Lawyers to get the compensation that the law allows for. 

<strong>The bus company’s record is investigated </strong>

Pico Rivers Bus Accident Lawyers will investigate all different types of wrecks, whether they involve school buses, public buses, tour buses or charter buses. One part of the investigation explores the role that the bus driver may have had in the accident. Also, the bus company’s overall driving safety record is reviewed to determine if the operator has a history of involvement in other traffic accidents. Attorneys can pursue claims of negligence if it can be shown that bus drivers with poor records were allowed to continue to drive.  

<strong>Bus maintenance history is investigated</strong> 

It can also be determined whether the bus company maintained its fleet in appropriate ways, and the frequency with which the buses were inspected. The demands placed on buses as they travel miles and miles every day are substantial. Frequent inspections are necessary to ensure passenger safety. When necessary repairs are delayed, riders can be put risk in many ways. 

<strong>Injured passengers and legal representation</strong> 

Injured bus riders that try to get compensation on their own from bus companies and their insurers can run into various obstacles and bureaucracies. Sometimes, a bus company insurer offers a settlement that is too low. Pico Rivera Bus Accident Lawyers are involved in this area of the law, so they can determine what a fair settlement is. Oftentimes, there are longer-term medical expenses that a one-time settlement may not properly address. For example, a physical therapist may be needed during a lengthy period of recovery. A settlement must take these future expenses into account. Pico Rivera Bus Accident Lawyers will fight hard for their clients so that they get the proper compensation that they’re entitled to according to the law. 
It is important to note that, in California, a personal injury lawsuit must be filed within six months of the date the bus accident injury was sustained. If either you, a family member, or a person that you know has been injured in a bus wreck, Pico Rivera Bus Accident Lawyers can cut through all the red tape so that you can collect the compensation that you need and that you are entitled to.

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