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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Compton Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury is essentially an injury that occurs because of the fault of another person. This might include injuries that a person suffers from after a car accident, but it can also include injuries relating to a dog bite.

California is one of the few states that has strict laws in place regarding dog bites. This law states that the owner of the animal is responsible for the injuries that an individual faces. Even if the owner claims that he or she did not realize the dog was a threat, the law still holds the owner responsible. Navigating through the world of personal injury law is easier with the support of Compton personal injury lawyers.

Dog Bites

Even the sweetest and most docile of dogs can turn violent in an instant. The animal might feel threatened by someone invading its territory, or it might strike out after feeling provoked. A simple dog bite can lead to nervousness around all types of dogs, including beloved family pets, and a dog bite can also lead to nightmares and other forms of emotional suffering. Compton personal injury lawyers will fight for the rights of those suffering from physical and emotional scars after a dog bite.

Other Types of Personal Injuries

Auto accidents are one of the more popular causes of personal injuries. One driver can cause an accident that involves multiple vehicles when driving and texting or using a cell phone at the same time. California bans all drivers from using a cell phone without a hands free device while operating a motor vehicle. Injures caused by a car accident can range from broken bones and facial lacerations to spinal damage and even paralyzed body parts. Compton personal injury lawyers can investigate the claims carefully and help victims seek compensation.

Representing the Injured

Compton personal injury lawyers work closely with anyone injured because of another person. California typically divides personal injury cases into economic claims and non-economic claims. Economic claims include the actually money that a victim loses because of the injury, including loss of wages and hospital bills. Non-economic damages include emotional pain, suffering and other factors that do not relate to money. Good lawyers will decide if their clients need a one-time settlement or a larger amount.

Dozens of accidents that lead to personal injury lawsuits occur every day in Compton. When you or a loved one suffers because someone else couldn’t control a dog, caused a car accident or did something else to damage your family, contact Compton personal injury lawyers for help. Your lawyer can help you file a lawsuit and get the money that you need as you recover and take back your life after that accident.

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