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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Compton Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Thousands of people visit the stores in Compton daily to buy various goods. A natural expectation of these customers is that the premises they are visiting will be kept in a reasonable shape to ensure patron safety. When landowners fail at observing valid safety practices on their properties, slip-and-fall accidents often occur. The injuries resulting from these accidents can be minor ones such as a sprained wrist or ankle; conversely, they can sometimes lead to traumatic brain injuries, paralysis or even death. These cases fit a category of personal injury law known as premises liability, and Compton slip-and-fall accident lawyers are devoted to serving the needs of the people whose suffering fits this classification.
<h4>Ordinary Care and the Want Thereof</h4>A key factor that Compton slip-and-fall lawyers must determine in finding liability is referenced in California Civil Code §1714(a) as a want, or lack, of ordinary care. In order for clients to successfully make claims against property owners, they must convince the court that the proprietor had actual or constructive knowledge of a hazard and failed to take the same precautions that could be expected of any person with a reasonable degree of prudence. The burden of ordinary care varies depending on the nature of the establishment, as some will require more frequent and rigorous inspection by their management than others. For example, a grocery store full of hard cans and floors demanding frequent mopping will likely be subject to greater scrutiny in a civil suit than a clothing store with carpet flooring and merchandise on racks. Homeowners are fully expected to take care to provide a reasonably safe environment for any visitors and inform them of potential dangers. Construction project proprietors are particularly expected to furnish the surrounding community with safety warnings and commit to due diligence during their work.
<h4>What Compton Slip-and-Fall Lawyers Can Offer</h4>In seeking out the help of a lawyer versed in premises liability, potential claimants should not rest until they have procured the services of an attorney that is knowledgeable, empathetic and dedicated to winning the case, whatever the situation may be. A successful claim can potentially secure damages for pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills. Even if a client was reasonably warned of the potential hazards present at a particular location, some special circumstances can still lead to the owner or operator of the property being found liable. Quality Compton slip-and-fall lawyers will be able to deduce the potential compensation available to their clients and act to the best of their ability to secure it.

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