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Should I Consider Laser Spine Surgery?

Although most doctors believe that laser spine surgery is often more effective than minimally invasive techniques, using a laser to perform operations doesn’t necessarily guarantee miraculous results for every patient. One of the main difference between the two operations is that a surgeon uses a laser as opposed to a scalpel to to make the necessary cuts. Instead of using a scalpel to remove soft tissue, the surgeon will use a laser during this procedure. Despite common belief, an incision must be made to insert the required instrument during both a laser spine surgery and a traditional minimally invasive procedure. Depending on a patient’s condition, some people may actually benefit from undergoing minimally invasive surgery. Before undergoing laser spine surgery, people need to completely understand the pros and cons to the procedure.

Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery

According to much research, approximately 30 percent of patients are eligible for a minimally invasive surgery. These surgeries will not always require a laser.
When performed correctly, laser spine surgery can be used to resolve a small number of spine conditions. Many experienced surgeons use laser spine surgery to eradicate tumors from the spinal cord, dislodge bone or soft tissue from around a nerve, and shrink disc material around a nerve.

The potent heat that is produced by the laser can make resolving minor spine conditions extremely effective. Along with the procedure’s potency, the operation’s fast recover time is another benefit to undergoing laser spine surgery. Many people who undergo this procedure are able to go home the same day of the operation.

Risks of Laser Spine Surgery

For those who are considering laser spinal surgery, they should also understand its potential complications. Regardless of the type of surgery that you choose, there are risks to every operation. Laser spinal surgery may result in nerve damage when performed by an inexperienced surgeon. This unintentionally nerve damage caused by the laser produce constant pain. Fortunately, the procedure may relieve pain temporarily, but may not treat the actually cause of the condition.

Since the laser is not designed to treat hard-to-reach corners, laser spine surgery can be a risky procedure. In addition, the laser’s heat and varying length has been shown to be a less effective instrument than a traditional scalpel.

Perform Research and Ask Questions

Depending on a person’s condition, laser spine surgery may be the solution to their back problems. Because this can potentially be a risky procedure, choosing a highly qualified surgeon is extremely important. Although the procedure itself is taught in medical school, performing the surgery with a laser is not taught at most institutions. Even more concerning is that general doctors with minimal training can legally perform a spinal operation with a laser. In order to ensure that you receive the best surgeon for the spine surgery, make sure to perform ample research and ask questions. Potential patients should also consider partnering with a qualified spine professional who can recommend the best treatment options for their condition.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Regardless of the length of time people spend researching the laser spine procedure and experience surgeons, medical accidents are still likely to happen. While many spinal injuries are due to a motorist or workplace accident, they can also be caused by surgical errors. The most common types of medical malpractice include neglecting to follow the standards of care, inserting a faulty implant, and misusing spinal cord blocking injections. People who have suffered a spinal injury due to a surgeon’s or an anesthesiologist’s mistake should contact a personal injury attorney immediately. A highly qualified lawyer can ensure that clients receive the best possible medical treatment and compensation for their losses. Most importantly, a personal injury lawyer is prepared to tirelessly represent a client’s best interests after they have suffered a spine injury caused by medical malpractice.

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