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Culver City Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Hundreds of residents in Costa Mesa commute to and from their destinations on foot each day. Some residents choose to do so in order to become healthier. Others lack any other form of transportation and can’t afford public transport. And some simply enjoy walking. No matter the reason, pedestrians trust to the established systems to keep them safe from harm while on the street.

Even so, accidents happen. Cars may run up on the sidewalk, crosswalk signs get ignored, and other terrible things occur that can result in serious injury or even death. In these events, pedestrians will want all the compensation they can receive for recklessness on part of someone else – when that happens, they turn to Costa Mesa Pedestrian Accident Lawyers. These lawyers can help pedestrians in several ways, including:

Investigating the accident.
The lawyers will look into the circumstances surrounding the accident. Was the driver on their cell phone at the time, or changing the music in their car? Did the pedestrian walk without looking? In accidents such as this, the circumstances tend to be rather vague. The lawyers will look into what happened to clarify for the situation for all parties involved.

Investigate the equipment involved.
Sometimes machines don’t work as intended. Perhaps the crosswalk indicated safety when the traffic light did not change, or vice versa. While a certain amount of common sense is expected when crossing the street, things still happen. Costa Mesa Pedestrian Accident lawyers will look into the equipment surrounding the incident and determine whether faulty equipment or lack of repairs is in any way to blame.

Represent the injured pedestrian.
In the event that a lawsuit is in order, the pedestrian would need representation in court. As many people can’t afford that, or wouldn’t be able to on top of medical payments, Costa Mesa Pedestrian Accident Lawyers can provided representation. They can help the injured party to get the compensation they deserve, and the additional coverage needed to pay for prolonged medical bills. In the event of many accidents, it would not be a one time payment – the loss of quality of living, multiple visits to the doctor, and other costs can quickly add up. In the contest of man versus vehicle, the vehicle usually comes out on top.

Even with the best of intentions and care, accidents still happen. When they do, pedestrians need representation. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident involving a crosswalk or other pedestrian area, contact Costa Mesa Pedestrian Accident Lawyers today in order to get the compensation and representation you deserve.

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