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What damages can I recover in a motor vehicle accident?

1 Aug 2017

If the term damages is confusing to you, you are not alone. The term damages if often used following an accident when persona injury attorneys discuss with clients what they might be entitled to if they make the decision to file a personal injury claim. Damages are essentially monetary compensation for medical issues, health problems, medical bills, and other expenses incurred because someone else’s negligence caused you to suffer injury in a car accident. personal injury attorneys are well-versed in finding the most possible damages for your recovery, but you must still understand the kind of damages to which you could be entitled following an accident.

– Medical Costs
– Lost Wages
– Pain and Suffering
– Loss of Consortium
– Funeral and Wrongful Death Expenses

Medical Costs

When you’re involved in an accident, you might suffer injuries. If you do, you’ll need medical treatment. Some medical treatment is minor. Perhaps you are injured and you seek medical treatment only to find out your injuries are minor, need a little medication, and you’re out your co-pay and the cost of your prescriptions. It’s not a big deal, you don’t incur many medical bills, and what you pay out of pocket is very minor.

Other people are injured seriously. You might suffer broken bones, serious complications, internal bleeding, require surgery, lose a limb, or even require long-term medical care to deal with your injuries. If you require a hospital stay of even just a few days, the medical bills you incur grow quickly. personal injury attorneys can attest to the fact that a short-term hospital stay can still cost tens of thousands of dollars with or without surgery, which only makes the bills grow larger by the day.

You can seek damages to pay for the cost of your medical treatment if you’re involved in an accident someone else caused. You didn’t ask to be involved in this accident, nor is it your fault. The person responsible for your injuries becomes responsible for your medical bills.

Lost Wages

When you are injured seriously enough to require a hospital stay or time off work, you can lose wages. Your job is legally protected when you’re injured, but your employer is not legally obligated to pay you for medical leave. This means you could end up with mounting medial bills and lost wages. You’re now unable to pay for the basic cost of living, and it’s dangerous.

Pain and Suffering

The problems you face following an accident are more than just physical. You might face emotional issues, you might face stress from financial difficulties following an accident, and you might even lose your enjoyment of life. You can sue for this, and personal injury attorneys can help you figure out if you qualify for these damages.

Loss of Consortium

This is a complex situation no one should ever have to go through. When you or your spouse are involved in an accident and become unable to enjoy the affections a couple is accustomed to sharing in their marriage, it becomes a problem. If you or your spouse suffer an injury that makes it impossible to share the intimacies of marriage, you’re entitled to compensation for this issue.

Funeral, Burial, and Wrongful Death

If your loved one is killed because of an accident, it means you’re left without a spouse. It also means you’re left without someone to help pay the bills if that person was a financial contributor in the household. It means you’re able to sue for funeral costs, burial costs, and even wrongful death. These damages are imperative if someone is killed in an accident caused by someone else and their gross negligence.

It’s not uncommon to feel confused following an accident in which any of the above occurred. You are entitled to your rights, and an personal injury attorney can help you navigate these very confusing moments. You are entitled to damages, and you should seek them if your life was changed seriously following an accident caused by someone else. The law is complex, and an attorney can walk you through it and help you find a way to get what you deserve to make life a little easier.

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