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Do I need a lawyer after a Amputation Injuries From Accidents

Whether you are a recent amputee or someone you loved, recently lost a limb due to a work-related injury, a car crash, a freak accident or simply through no fault of their owns, we feel your pain. We know how devastating it can be to lose a limb. One way to help you get through the pain is to know your legal rights and to file a claim to help you cover lost wages, medical expenses, etc. Now, before you hire the first personal injury attorney you find, you must do a bit of homework. You must find a personal injury lawyer who has in-depth medical and legal knowledge. One who can properly evaluate your individual medical situation and help you formulate a winning case. Here are some tips to find a suitable attorney:

Do your homework. Never hire an attorney based solely on an advertisement. Instead, you should seek a referral from other amputees or individuals who have successfully used such personal injury attorney in the past. Bar association referral services are an excellent way to narrow your search. Also, you can search their credentials online. Review all actual details about their legal experience, how many years they’ve practiced, how many similar cases they’ve won, etc. These days, with the plethora of information available online, it’s relatively straightforward to track down excellent prospects, especially ones that offer references.

Find a personal injury attorney who is experienced at amputee cases. Once you’ve found someone suitable, you must evaluate their experience carefully. After all, this is a serious matter, and you certainly don’t’ want an attorney who is wet behind the ears. The most suitable attorney is one that has tried and won similar cases as yours. The chosen attorney should be knowledgeable about personal injury law. That is, they should be able to comprehend the law applicable to your personal injury case. They should have 5+ years of personal injury experience and references. They should be trustworthy to maintain all confidences, adequately represent you in court, protect your rights, advocate on your behalf, and safeguard your settlement.

Choose an attorney who is an excellent litigator. They not only must have a great personality and legal knowledge but be able to convince the court, especially during a jury trial. As such they must have good oratory skills, be able to implement a planned legal attack using evidence and expert witnesses and be willing to fight for you to a jury. You don’t need someone who can just talk the talk. Instead, you need someone who can walk the walk and file toward victory.

Find an attorney who is clear about their payment procedures. Any attorney you hire should be willing to explain their billing process to you. That is, will they charge you a minimum billing increment, together with expenses or will they charge you a contingency if you win your case? Note: If finances are a consideration, a contingency basis might work best since your attorney will represent you for free until you win and they’ll take a percentage of your award. Regardless of method, choose an attorney who is open and willing to explain their billing procedures, so there is no confusion.

Choose a lawyer who has your best interest at heart. You need a legal professional who can analyze your specific conditions and supply you with the information which you have to make the decision that’s proper for you, your loved ones or your company. They must be unbiased, especially in the case of a contingency agreement contract and not sway you to make a decision that is primarily for monetary gain.

In conclusion, finding a good personal injury attorney isn’t necessarily easy and can be extremely stressful, but it is worth the effort. Always look for someone that is trustworthy, experienced, and has your best interest at heart. They should have a strong medical and legal knowledge, references and experience and be able to adequately litigate and explain complicated legal jargon while advocating on your behalf.

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