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Do I need a lawyer after a Car Accidents Involving Children

Car accidents oftentimes are serious matters. Car accidents involving children can be particularly challenging legal matters. If you have been involved in a car that impact your children, the situation is even worse.

In the aftermath of an automobile accident involving your children, you likely have a great number of questions. Included on the list of queries is likely to be whether or not you need to retain an attorney in a car accident cases involving your children.

Hiring an Attorney Does Not Reduce Your Compensation

A common myth associated with hiring an attorney in a car accident case of any time, including one involving children, is that you end up losing money in the process. The misconception is that because you have to pay attorney fees, you end up with less money in the form of compensation when you retain a car accident attorney to represent you in your case.

In fact, research and statistics reveal that those personal injury cases in which an attorney is involved end up receiving considerably more in compensation. In other words, you end up with more in your in pocket upon the settlement of or judgment in a car accident case involving children if you hire a lawyer, even when attorney fees are taking into consideration.

Permanent Injuries in Car Accident Cases Involving Children

Permanent injuries or disabilities are always a potential issue in a car accident case. If the possibility of dealing with permanent injuries associated with children involved in a car accident case is a possibility, legal counsel truly is a must.

Legal counsel is crucial in such a situation because determining the nature and extend of future losses, and their value, is challenging when the client at issue is an adult. It becomes even more complex when a child is involved.

For example, when a case involves children, there is very little concrete basis upon which to develop an argument for lost future income. This necessitates to experienced assistance of a talented attorney to make sure injured children are fully compensated for losses they may experience for the rest of their lives because of the negligence of someone else in causing a car accident.

In addition, a child may have a very difficult time accurately and thoroughly articulating the level of pain and suffering he or she endures. This is another area in which experienced legal representation provides vital assistance to you in your case.

Children as Witnesses

The time may come in a car accident case at which it will be necessary for children to testify. Of course, this depends to a significant degree on the age and maturity level of a child. However, it is a very real possibility.

A child may be called upon to testify in three different settings, if a lawsuit becomes necessary in a car accident case. First, a child may be called upon to testify at what is called a deposition in a car accident case. A deposition is a question and answering session, conducted under oath and in front of a court reporter.

A child may also be called upon to testify at some sort of hearing generally associated with a lawsuit. Finally, a child may be required to testify at a trial.

The prospect of a child being called upon to testify during a car accident lawsuit underscores the need to legal representation. A car accident can be invaluable in preparing a child for testifying. In addition, a personal injury lawyer can be crucial if there is a need to protect a child from testifying in a case.

Retaining a Lawyer in a Car Accident Case Involving Children

The first step in retaining a car accident lawyer in a case that involve children is scheduling an initial consultation. An initial consultation is an appointment that provides a lawyer a chance to review the facts and circumstances of an accident. It also provides you with an opportunity to ask key questions of a lawyer.

As a general matter of practice, a car accident lawyer does not charge a fee for an initial consultation with a prospective client. The session can be scheduled at a time, and even at a location, that is most convenient for you.

When considering hiring a lawyer to represent you in a car accident case involving your children, you need to make sure that he or she has specific experience in representing children in this type of setting. Proving legal representation on behalf of children is not something that every personal injury is capable of doing well.

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