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Do I need a lawyer after a Soft Tissue Injuries

When a person experiences an accident, they may have injuries that are obvious. These are injuries that are easy to verify. This includes such things as lacerations, broken limbs, puncture wounds and more. It is much more difficult to identify and treat soft tissue injuries. Many of these injuries are difficult to detect and may seem invisible. These are injuries that occur to a person’s muscles, tendons as well as ligaments and other types of bodily structures. When a person experiences a rear-end accident, they could experience damage to their back, neck and more. This results from a forward jerking motion. These injuries result from a movement that stretches or tears the soft tissue in a person’s body.

Soft tissue injuries can produce a variety of different symptoms. This includes stiff and painful movements involving muscles. This is especially true with the back and neck are involved. These are strain injuries. They can take a few weeks up to months to completely heal. These type of injuries can frustrate medical professionals. Most soft tissue injuries can’t be detected with X-rays or other types of diagnostic scans. This makes it possible for some individuals to fabricate or exaggerate their symptoms. Insurers know this is possible. It often results in them offering a lower settlement. When a person does have a soft tissue injury, an attorney will know how to prove the injury is authentic.

This injury occurs within the soft tissue of a person’s neck. It happens when the head and neck is suddenly jerked forward or backward as the result of an impact. This injury occurs when an accident forces a person’s neck to go into a position that is beyond its comfortable range of movement. These are common accidents. They often happen during different types of vehicle accident as well as public transportation accidents and more.

Rotator Cuff Injury
This is a common soft tissue injury that happens in a person’s shoulder. This is a part of the body that connects the four different muscles in an individual’s shoulder. A rotator cuff injury can be one of two different types. They can be either chronic or acute. When a person has a chronic condition, the injury slowly becomes worse over time. Common activities can eventually agitate the muscle. An acute injury could result from a sudden fall. A person can heal from it over time.

Brachial Plexus Lesion
This is a bundle of nerves that go through a person’s neck. They are located in the spine and arm. When a person experiences a brachial plexus lesion injury, it means this area of their body has experienced excessive stretching. This is a common injury with accidents involving slip and fall. This type of injury can be detected when a person experiences a certain level of sensory problems. Their reflexes decrease, and they have weakness in their neck and arms.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
This is a soft tissue injury where the median nerve in a person’s wrist is compressed. This will cause them to have a numb or tingling feeling in their forearm or wrist. It will ultimately lead to them experiencing pain. This condition can be identified if a person feels a pain that resembles pins and needles in their arm, wrist or hands. Some people experience a burning sensation in their thumbs or fingers. In many cases, it can be the result of the carpal bones becoming dislocated.

Soft Tissue Cases
There is no set formula used by insurance adjusters to determine settlement amounts. Some do depend on a computer program to help them construct offers. These programs will use such information as a person’s gender, race, age, location as well as verdicts in cases that are similar. They are not able to consider any special features involved in an individual case. An attorney will know what factors are important in determining the value of a soft tissue injury case. Things such as wage loss, prior injury claims by the plaintiff, property damage, impact on lifestyle, the length of time with an injury as well as the plaintiff’s credibility and more.

Proving An Injury
When a person is dealing with an insurance company, they will benefit from having an attorney help them prove their soft tissue claim. The insurance company will look for ways to pay very little or simply deny the soft tissue injury claim. An experienced attorney will know how to protect the rights of a person who has a soft tissue injury. They will know how to investigate the facts of the accident, review medical records and more. An attorney will know how to prove a soft tissue injury and why an insurance company should pay fair compensation.

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