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Do I need a Lawyer after a Soft Tissue Injury?

23 Mar 2018

A soft tissue injury, as defined by Johns Hopkins Medicine, is:
• A contusion
• A sprain
• A strain
• Tendonitis
• Bursitis
• A stress fracture

It may be said to be an injury to any tissue of the body not a bone, such as a ligament, muscle or tendon. If you have sustained such a soft tissue injury through the negligence of another, do you need legal representation?

The Cause of Soft Tissue Injuries
Any type of accident can lead to any type of injury, but a most common occurrence
causing a soft tissue injury is an automobile crash. A typical scenario involves the injured
victim receiving a jolt from the impact of the crash. Hard braking may also lead to bracing against the impact and contact with the inside of the vehicle. The soft tissues of the body can thereby stretch, swell and become damaged.

Diagnosing Soft Tissue Injuries
Soft tissues injuries differ in two significant ways from those injuries to bone or cartilage:
• Soft tissue injuries cannot be detected by an x-ray of the injured area of the body.
• Soft tissue injuries may be latent. This means this type of injury may not be readily apparent immediately after the accident but may take days or perhaps longer for symptoms to appear. In many cases, the pain and other symptoms become increasingly worse after a day or two.

Types of Soft Tissue Injuries
A soft tissue injury may be in the form of damage to a ligament from overextension of a joint, bruising or a strain to a muscle or a tendon. However, the most common type of soft tissue injury suffered in a car accident is whiplash, which most often results from a rear end collision that causes the victim’s head and neck to violently shake back and forth.

Seeking Medical Attention
Most accident victims seek immediate care for certain types of injuries, such as broken bones. Where only some stiffness or soreness is present, or perhaps due to shock where no symptoms at all are obvious, many people forego treatment and convince themselves they are all right. This can be a mistake. Not only do you need to be very proactive in fully regaining your health to the fullest extent possible, you need to be sure all your medical bills resulting from the accident are covered.

The Nature of Insurance Companies
Most people do not often consider insurance companies until something happens. You pay your premium and feel a sense of security, but often, this is only a false sense of security. Sadly, injured victims often find themselves in a fight with the insurance company over the amount and extent of their damages. It soon becomes apparent many insurance companies have a policy of denying, delaying and trying to get you to settle for a lowball figure. Claims adjusters are professional negotiators and have all the tricks in the book. Most accident victims are regular people with no such specialized training and quickly find themselves in over their heads.

Legal Representation
In essence, bringing an experienced lawyer into your case is leveling the playing field. No longer will you have to face the insurance company and adjuster alone. Your lawyer will take over every aspect of the case. He or she will thoroughly investigate the case and work to establish liability for the accident, the nature and extent of your medical bills, the nature and extent of any time you may need to miss from work because of the accident and determine any other appropriate damages based on your particular circumstances.

If you’re involved in an accident, it is very typical to desire to put it quickly behind you and move on with your life. Do not, however, make the mistake of giving up rights you have. Be certain you regain your health and receive the full compensation you deserve.

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