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Do I need a lawyer for my criminal case?

Here’s a great article by Nima Haddadi, a top rated Los Angeles dui attorney. You’ve been arrested. You have a criminal case pending, and you don’t know where to turn. You’ve been informed that you have the right to an attorney, but you’re not quite sure if you really need the help. After all, you’re a smart person – and you might not even be guilty. It can be tempting to go it alone, but it’s very important to stop and ask yourself if you are the most qualified person to represent yourself. If you think about it for just a few moments, it will becoming exceedingly clear that you do need the help of a lawyer for your criminal case.

Knowing the Law

Perhaps the most important thing a criminal lawyer can bring to the table is that he or she actually knows the law. Law school isn’t about learning how to argue or how to get fitted for a good suit – it’s all about learning the law and how it intersects with reality. Even after graduation, lawyers are constantly learning about local and federal criminal codes, figuring out how they apply to the cases on which they work and taking the time to learn the ins and outs of every line of text. The law is a complex and often obtuse subject, and it really does take a specially educated professional to figure out how it applies to you.

Dealing with the Court

A good lawyer also knows how to deal with the court. There’s so much more to a criminal trial than simply going before a judge and arguing a case. You’ll need to deal with evidence, talk to the right personnel to get access to files, and go through the often laborious process of figuring out when and where the trial will take place. Good attorneys know the disposition of certain judges, are familiar with prosecutors, and know what should and should not be done due to the rules of decorum and procedure. Good attorneys even know when it’s time to talk about a plea deal or when it’s time to fight. Without the help of a lawyer, you might miss out on your chance to go free after the trial.

Being Objective

Above all else, a lawyer benefits from not being the person who is being accused of a crime. He or she can look at the case from an objective standpoint and build a zealous defense. A good lawyer is passionate, but not emotional. He or she can put together a case without having to deal with the stress of knowing what might happen in the future. Whether you are innocent or guilty is immaterial – a good attorney will make sure that your rights are respected, and that you have the chance to get what you deserve from the proceedings. Objectivity is one thing that is impossible for you to bring to your own court case, and trying to do so will only lead to failure.

You are not required to have a lawyer for a criminal case. You can absolutely represent yourself, but you will be doing yourself a major disservice. A good lawyer knows the law, knows the court, and knows how to build a case. He or she has years of experience with these matters, and doesn’t have to deal with the burden of having a potential guilty verdict hanging over his or her head. When you go before the court, you want the help of a professional. Admitting that is the first step towards securing your free, and the best chance you have to walk away from this criminal case with your freedom intact.

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