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Do I need a lawyer if I was in a car accident?

This article is from Steven Raiser, a fellow personal injury lawyer.

There are many car accidents that occur every day. People experience different levels of damage and injury as a result of them. An accident could result in minor damage or injury; it could also cause a situation that is quite serious. Most car accidents fall between the two extremes. There are some things a person needs to understand before they contact an attorney regarding their car accident.

Case Value
Most people may not understand the value of their case. They may not realize all of the potential damages that could result from their accident. An injury received in a car accident could impact a person’s life for many years. An attorney can help a person understand they could receive compensation for pain and suffering. It may also be possible for them to obtain compensation for emotional distress. Couples have been compensated for the loss of their ability to be intimate with one another. This is in addition to getting medical bills paid as well as having property replaced or repaired and more.

Insurance Company
It’s important people realize their insurance company is going to pay them as little as possible. When individuals instantly accept the appraisals and estimates provided by their insurance company, they could potentially lose out on what they are actually entitled to receive in a settlement. An attorney can help a person avoid giving an insurance company the advantage. They will recommend no type of waivers or releases be signed until they have a chance to read them. The attorney’s goal is to protect an accident victim’s rights. Speaking with an attorney is a good way to make certain any type of settlement they receive is fair.

When a car accident occurs, a person may not agree with the findings of a police report. They may not agree that they were at fault. An attorney is someone who knows how to prove a case. They are experienced in gathering facts. Proving the other driver was at fault is possible. Establishing who is at fault in an accident can impact an insurance payout as well as insurance premiums and more. This is even more important if a case goes to trial. Police reports have been changed. Who is at fault for insurance purposes can also be changed. An attorney will know how to carefully examine a case and establish who is truly responsible for a car accident.

Statute Of Limitations
Most insurance policies require their policyholders sign a proof of loss within a certain amount of time after an accident. It’s possible an insurance policy only permits a year from the date of the accident to file a legal action if the claim hasn’t been settled. Should this time expire prior to an acceptable settlement being received, a person still has options. The state of California gives them a certain amount of time to sue the insurance company or others involved in the accident. This is known as the statute of limitations. An attorney will know how to advise a person how to handle all of the time limits associated with their case. They will also know how to work within the state’s statute of limitations.

Settle Or Pursue Lawsuit
It could be a life-changing decision to accept an insurance company’s settlement or file a lawsuit. Most individuals involved in small accident quickly accept the settlements they are offered. A person with injuries that last for a long period of time causing them to miss work, and change their lifestyle, may need more than what an insurance company is offering them. The proposed settlement may not cover all of their current and future medical expenses. It also may not cover all of their property losses and more. Going to court to get fair compensation is a big decision. This is a time to discuss the case with an attorney. They will know when it is time to take a case to court. An attorney will know how to successfully handle a court trial and obtain the best possible result.

When a person is injured in a car accident, they may need time to emotionally and physically recover from it. This is also a time when they’re vulnerable. They may do anything to get past the experience of the car accident. Some people believe they can’t afford an attorney. Many car accident attorneys will work on a contingency fee basis. This means they won’t be paid for their work unless they win their client’s case. This enables a person to focus on recovering from the accident and know their rights are protected. Working with an attorney can confident they’ll get fair compensation for all of their losses.

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