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El Monte Bus Accident Lawyers

Stepping on a city, school, tour or charter bus may not elicit a second thought about injury to passengers but bus accidents are a very real possibility. El Monte residents depend on the safe operation of buses every day to get them to and from work, school and appointments. They trust that when their kids get on the school bus, they will be safe. They trust that the bus they ride to work will be safe. However, while rare, bus accidents involving injury or death to passengers is a valid concern. Passengers who have suffered injury or death of a loved one due to faulty bus operation, driver negligence or impairment may be entitled to compensation under California law.

<strong>Bus Company Responsibility</strong>

Public transportation companies are expected to provide “care and diligence” for their passengers — meaning they are entrusted with the lives of many people each and every day and must take the necessary steps to preserve safety. When an accident happens that’s the fault of the bus driver, operator, company or mechanics, passengers can get monetary compensation for their troubles. Relying on the expertise of El Monte Bus Accident Lawyers means they may be awarded money to cover medical bills, lost income, punitive damages, as well as pain and suffering. Attorneys who devote their lives to personal injury law have the experience and authority to research driving records of the driver to see if he’s been involved in other accidents. If it is determined the operator has a history of bad driving, the company could be held liable for allowing that person to continue driving a bus. Vacaville Bus Accident Lawyers can handle the entire process, as they know how to deal with insurance and transportation companies.

<strong>Who is at Fault?</strong>

In a bus accident, there could be multiple parties involved, from other vehicles on the roadway to bus operators to mechanics who failed to properly maintain and inspect the bus. This failure to ensure the bus is in proper working order can result in damaging injury to one or many passengers. El Monte Bus Accident Lawyers can ask all the pertinent questions in a case like this: was the bus fleet properly maintained? What led to the accident? If it was shoddy maintenance or repair work, who is to blame? If it was a distracted driver failing to keep is eyes on the road, the driver could be held accountable.

<strong>Maintain Quality of Life</strong>

Passengers who has been in a bus accident in El Monte or the surrounding area may suffer a blow to their quality of life, especially when the injury is severe and requires ongoing medical treatment. Compensation to cover these growing bills is necessary. They can turn to El Monte Bus Accident Lawyers to get them what they deserve.

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