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El Monte Personal Injury Lawyers

Before hiring El Monte Personal Injury Lawyers, many residents have unanswered questions. Although it might seem like a personal injury case is scary, it’s really just a matter of understanding how the process works.

To have the greatest chance of winning a case, El Monte residents should hire a personal injury lawyer. The experience and knowledge from a lawyer can make all of the difference. However, it’s best for residents to have a solid base of knowledge before they ever hire a lawyer.

Alternative Options

In some cases, there is no way to prove the opposing party acted negligently. Residents need to know that there are alternative options. It’s possible for companies or individuals to be held liable, so even if there is no way to prove negligence, a victim can still have a case.

With the strictly liable law, a company or individual can be held liable for your injury. A great example of such a scenario involves consumer products. If a person is injured by a defective product, the strictly liable law ensures the company or individual who created the product can be held liable.

When a company or person is strictly liable, the consumer who was injured by the product doesn’t have to directly prove that the company acted negligently. Companies or people who store dangerous substances, animals or explosives can be held liable.

The reason why companies or individuals can be held strictly liable is because certain activities pose a risk to others. In other words, a victim doesn’t always have to prove that a person or company acted negligently.

Punishment for Negligence

Another question that El Monte residents might have involves punishment for a person or company’s negligence. The answer to this question is no, but it refers to the traditional definition of punishment. The defendants involved in a civil case will not receive criminal charges or jail time. Defendants also do not face any criminal fines.

It’s important for El Monte residents to remember that a personal injury case is classified as a civil action, but in some situations, a jury or judge could award a victim with punitive damages, and these damages are supposed to punish defendants who’ve been found to have acted recklessly.

The main purpose of awarding a victim with punitive damages is to discourage other individuals or companies from carrying out similar harmful behavior.

Rewards of a Successful Lawsuit

After hiring El Monte Personal Injury Lawyers, a resident has a better chance of winning his or her case. If a personal injury lawsuit is successful, the victim will be awarded damages, and these damages are financial compensation for a variety of financial losses that the victim suffered because of the injuries he or she sustained. Money that has been awarded from a successful personal injury lawsuit is not taxable.

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