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Encinitas Car Accident Lawyers

3 Oct 2016

If you are the victim of a car accident in Encinitas, you need the best legal representation to ensure you receive all the compensation you deserve. The car insurance companies are good at what they do, they will use every allowable angle to ensure they avoid paying you full compensation for your injuries. You cannot fight them alone: only a team of some of Southern California’s best and brightest personal injury lawyers can assure you receive the best outcome for your case.

Why Do I Need an Encinitas Car Accident Lawyer?

You have just been seriously injured in a car accident. You have mounting medical bills, you cannot work, there is a chance your injuries may render you permanently disabled. You and your family are on the brink of losing everything. The insurance company calls you. They know you are at your weakest. They make you an offer they know you will not refuse. Unfortunately, this offer is going to be a mere fraction of what you deserve for your injuries. But you are unequipped with the resources required to take them on and ensure you get a fair payout. This is why you need a car accident lawyer, to ensure your case has all the elements required for the best outcome.

How The Raiser & Kenniff Can Help You Get The Payout You Deserve

The Raiser & Kenniff is a team of highly skilled, talented attorneys who know how to win against the big insurance companies. Our experience makes us able to dodge their underhanded tactics, ensuring you get all the compensation you deserve. In some cases, we have won our clients compensation that is in the seven figures. When the insurers see the Raiser & Kenniff is on their case, they will know you mean business.

We will work with you to ensure you have all the elements required to get full compensation from the insurers. Our knowledge and experience of determining fair and full compensation amounts will ensure you get every dollar you need to overcome the physical and financial hurdles of your accident.

We will use all of our skills and resources to dispute inaccurate testimony. The insurers will find anyone involved in your accident to discredit your claim to full compensation. The Raiser & Kenniff will defend the validity of your case, bringing in experts or making legal points that show that these claims are inaccurate and should not be part of the case.

We make sure all deadlines are met. We understand you are still recovering from your accident, and cannot be expected to meet all the filing deadlines. Do not let technicalities rob you of fully deserved compensation!

We gather all the relevant evidence for your team. With our combined decades of experience, we know what evidence your case needs in order to win. We will find all the needed evidence, even if it is a needle in a haystack. Every little bit of evidence, if relevant, can help you with your case.

Why You Need The Raiser & Kenniff

The insurance companies are arrogant; they believe you are too scared to challenge them in court. Hiring the Raiser & Kenniff will show them you are serious and not afraid to play their game of hardball. Our dealings with courts in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties have been positive; the judges, clerks and defense attorney know of our integrity and honesty. This good rapport, along with our reputation of being an ethical legal practice will give your case the best outcome.

As mentioned above, the insurers will prey on you when you are at your weakest. They will offer you a fraction of what you deserve, arrogantly believing you will be too scared to fight in court and therefore accept the offer.

Don’t let the insurers intimidate you into taking their initial offer: with the Raiser & Kenniff, Encinitas car accident victims can be rest assured that they will get the compensation they deserve to get their life back on track. The initial shock and pain of the accident is enough, do not let the insurers cause you another round of pain and suffering.

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