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Expert Help from Ventura Bus Accident Lawyers

It can be a pleasure to forget about the responsibilities associated with driving yourself around the Ventura area and simply climb aboard a public bus, charter bus, school bus or tour bus as a passenger. But if something goes wrong on any bus trip and you become an accident victim, you should know about the California common carrier law that protects bus passengers, demanding that bus operators use utmost “care and diligence” in carrying passengers throughout the Ventura region.

But some unscrupulous bus companies in an effort to save money, don’t properly inspect or make needed repairs to their fleet of vehicles, resulting in bus accidents. Some companies aren’t careful screening their drivers, hiring individuals with little training or who have numerous previous driving violations. Sustaining injuries as a bus passenger can cause you to lose both time and money, unless you obtain expert help and assistance from the legal team at Ventura Bus Accident Lawyers.

Proving Company Liability

Ventura Bus Accident Lawyers helps bus passengers who become accident victims by investigating whether or not the company was at fault in causing the accident. We can review the driver’s DMV record, whether or not he has a history of past driving violations and what actions he took the day of the crash that may have influenced the accident.

We also thoroughly review the maintenance records of the bus involved, finding out how often it was inspected to uncover needed repairs, what type of repairs were recently completed and how often, and to what extent the bus company may have neglected or delayed necessary maintenance that contributed to a mechanical malfunction, resulting in an accident.

Receiving Fair Compensation

Bus passengers who are accident victims often feel afraid and confused, worried about unanticipated medical expenses they may have to cover out-of-pocket. Without legal representation, they may be bullied by a bus company’s insurance provider into accepting a less than adequate financial settlement. But with the experts at Ventura Bus Accident Lawyers in your corner, you have someone fighting to ensure that you receive all of the compensation you need and deserve to cover medical expenses, physical therapy and loss of wages while you are recuperating.

Bus passengers have up to 180 days following an accident to file a personal injury lawsuit according to California law. There is no reason to go through the stress of getting compensation for your injuries alone. Contact Ventura Bus Accident Lawyers to avoid getting bullied by bus companies and their insurance representatives and to ensure that you are receiving all of the financial compensation you are entitled to when you, a family member or a friend, has sustained injuries as a result of taking bus transportation in Ventura.

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