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Glendora Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

There are a lot of pedestrians in Glendora. Whether a person is walking to work, heading home from school, or just taking a stroll, he deserves to feel comfortable and safe. That’s why there are laws in California pertaining to the relationship between pedestrians and drivers.

For instance, anyone walking near the road has to stay alert, stay on a designated path, and only cross the street when it is safe. Drivers must slow down near pedestrians and give them room. Sadly, accidents do happen. To seek compensation for an injury, pedestrians should contact a Glendora pedestrian accident lawyer.

<h3> When to File a Complaint </h3>
It’s best to file a pedestrian accident complaint as soon as you contact a lawyer in Glendora. Sometimes, however, people wait because they aren’t sure whether they have a case or they think it’s their fault. Even though it’s better to contact a lawyer as soon as possible, a person can file charges up to two years after the injury occurred; however, there are exceptions to every rule, so it’s worth it to start the process even if it’s been a long time since the accident.

<h3> Figuring Out Who’s at Fault </h3>
As far as the state of California is concerned, a person is only at fault if they were behaving negligently at the time of the incident. Basically, this means that if a person didn’t act like a reasonable person would in the same circumstances, he can be held liable. Specifically, a Glendora pedestrian accident lawyer will tell a person that three things have to be true for someone to be responsible for an accident in the eyes of the law:

<li>1. A person was careless at the place and time of an accident.</li>
<li>2. The accident caused an injury or damaged some property.</li>
<li>3. The careless person caused the injury or property damage.</li>
<h3> Pure Comparative Negligence </h3>
It used to be that unless a person was 100 percent guilt-free when it came to an accident, he wouldn’t be entitled to any compensation whatsoever. Now, however, California uses a model called pure comparative negligence. This basically means that even if a person is partially to blame for an accident, he can still collect money for injury or property damages. The less a person is to blame, the more he will be compensated. The more he is to blame, the less he’ll be compensated.

If you’ve been in a pedestrian accident, contact a Glendora pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible. Don’t be put off if it happened a long time ago or you feel like you’re partly at fault. You still might be entitled to compensation.

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