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Mission Viejo Bus Accident Lawyers

Many residents of Mission Viejo commute by bus to go back and forth to school or work, or to participate in any number of daily activities. California has a common carrier law which obligates bus companies and their drivers to employ “care and diligence” to ensure the safety of their passengers.

When bus companies or their drivers disregard this law, they endanger their passengers. Failure to properly maintain their vehicles can result in mechanical failure. Careless driving puts passengers at risk for devastating injuries and loss of time at work. Mission Viejo Bus Accident Lawyers make sure the bus companies are held responsible and compensate injured passengers for medical expenses and loss of wages.

Investigating the Bus Operator’s Record
Mission Viejo Bus Accident Lawyers conduct extensive investigations to find the cause of a bus accident. An important step in this process is examining the driving record of the bus driver. This review may reveal that the operator has a history of reckless driving and other accidents, in which case the bus company can be held responsible for knowingly employing a careless driver.

Investigating Bus Maintenance
In addition, lawyers will also review the company’s records of maintenance and inspection to assess whether or not the bus has been properly maintained. Because school, city and charter buses are exposed to damaging weather, road and traffic conditions, they require routine and careful maintenance. When bus companies neglect the maintenance of their buses, they can fail to operate to correctly and create a safety risk for passengers.

Representing Injured Passengers
Someone who has been injured in a bus accident shouldn’t try to deal with the bus company or their insurance company alone. A Mission Viejo Bus Accident Lawyer can clarify complex legal and insurance jargon and help to cut through all of the red tape. Mission Viejo Bus Accident Lawyers also have the experience to negotiate a fair settlement from an insurance company that will sufficiently cover expenses for long-term medical care and physical therapy. These expenses can quickly skyrocket, and an injured party shouldn’t have to pay for them out of pocket.

According to the law in California, a passenger who has suffered an injury in a bus accident has up to six months from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you or someone you know has been injured in a bus accident, turn to Mission Viejo Bus Accident Lawyers. They will work hard to get you all of the compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

The Milpitas bus system takes hundreds of area residents to and from their jobs, schools and other locations on a daily basis. According to California’s common carrier law, “care and diligence” must be used by bus companies and the operators they employ when they serve passengers.

Passengers entrust their lives to the Milpitas bus system when they ride, and this trust is violated when the common carrier law is breached. If a bus accident occurs, because of either driver negligence or mechanical problems, passengers may suffer injuries that devastate their ability to maintain the quality of life to which they are accustomed. Milpitas Bus Accident Lawyers can help passengers affected by these accidents get the financial compensation they deserve.

Investigations of Bus Operator Driving Records

Milpitas Bus Accident Lawyers are experienced at handling investigations of a variety of accidents that involve buses, including those serving schools, charter services, tour companies and public transportation systems. In any bus accident investigation, a main point of concern is the part played by the bus driver. To determine whether the bus driver in question has ever been implicated in other vehicular accidents, our lawyers review the bus operator’s driving history. If the bus company is found to have retained a bus operator with a bad driving record, the bus company may be considered negligent in court and required to compensate victims.

Investigations of Bus Maintenance Practices

Questions regarding fleet maintenance schedules and inspection records are also important in investigations of bus accidents. Because buses are driven heavily for many miles on a regular basis, significant maintenance is essential to ensure that they function properly. When a bus company fails to carry out regular inspections and repair any problems that are found, its buses are more likely to malfunction and its passengers are placed at risk of injury.

Legal Representation for Passengers Injured in Bus Accidents

Due to obstacles put in place by corporate bureaucracy and insurance companies that cover bus companies, injured passengers are likely to face significant challenges if they try to get financial compensation without experienced legal representation. In some cases, insurance companies offer unfairly low settlements to passengers. By hiring Milpitas Bus Accident Lawyers, injured passengers will know whether offered settlements are acceptable. Passengers who receive major injuries from bus accidents may need expensive, possibly long-term medical care or physical rehabilitation, increasing their medical costs as a result. In these cases, a single settlement from the bus company may not be sufficient to cover out-of-pocket costs for medical care. By fighting for injured bus passengers in court, Milpitas Bus Accident Lawyers help clients get the financial compensation to which they are entitled.

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