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Newport Beach Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

California is a high-traffic state, and not the safest place for a pedestrian to cross the street, especially for a child or elderly person with limited mobility. Being hit by a fast-moving car can have grim consequences like broken bones, spinal cord injuries and permanent brain damage. That’s why Newport Beach Pedestrian Accident Lawyers are committed advocates in helping pedestrian accident victims receive the highest settlement payouts and rewards for all bodily damage.

In the state of California, all drivers are required to give pedestrians the right of way, regardless of the situation. These right of way laws apply to all unmarked intersections, crosswalks, parking lots, alleys, driveways, and round-abouts. If a driver fails to comply with pedestrian laws, they can be ticketed and sued, if a pedestrian is hurt or killed as a result of negligence.

As with any lawsuit, the strength of you case largely depends on concrete facts such as accident location and time, driver speed, driver inattentiveness, drug or alcohol influence, insurance coverage, and witnesses. Sometimes, out of shock, pedestrians will admit fault when they are hit by a moving car. This will only hurt your case as the driver’s insurance company may view this as an admission of guilt. If possible, provide detailed photographs of the accident scene to further strengthen your case.

Without proper legal representation, pedestrian accident victims can easily be left to deal with expensive medical bills that can lead to financial devastation. With lengthy rehabilitation times, victims often experience lost wages, too. Newport Beach Accident Lawyers work diligently to protect their clients’ best interests so that rightful compensation can be received. This compensation is meant to pay for all necessary treatments and rehabilitation programs that will enable the victim to move forward in life without having to experience the double victimization of out-of-pocket medical expenses.

If you have been injured as a result of a moving vehicle violation, Newport Beach Accident Lawyers can help you sue the offending driver for all damages. We will assist you in filing a lawsuit against both the negligent driver and the driver’s insurance company. If you were injured as the direct result of a mission stop sign, you have the right to sue the city for negligence as well. If drunk driving or a hit-and-run accident is to blame, the driver will most likely face jail time and license suspension, in addition to being sued.

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