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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Hermosa Beach Car Accident Lawyers

Anytime someone suffers an injury or is involved in a situation where they are exposed to circumstances that change their life in some way, a personal injury lawyer is needed to help navigate complicated claims processes and to ensure that the injured party is not taken advantage of. Since compensation is determined by severity of injury, it is important to have a personal injury lawyer on your side in order to effectively present facts, negotiate with insurance carriers and to clearly communicate the seriousness of the case.

No-fault state rules
Depending upon the location in which you live or suffer an injury, there are “no-fault” rules in place that can preclude parties from initiating a lawsuit. However, an attorney can help establish level of injury (and associated costs for treating it) in the event even a smaller injury can turn into a larger one. An example would be a broken leg that results in further discomfort and lack of mobility once back-pain sets in.

Minor injuries are valid too
Injured parties may think that their accident is minor, but often even even minor injuries turn into major ones. Even doctors, down the line, further diagnosis the full extent of injuries with time and a personal injury lawyer can effectively counsel their clients on when it is appropriate to accept settlement.

Insurance companies
Last but certainly not least, injured parties always need a personal injury lawyer to negotiate against insurance companies. Insurance organizations are notorious for paying out the minimum amount in damages, which leads to unsuspecting parties settling for much less in monetary damages than they are fully entitled to, or even validly need to repay medical costs, bills and missing compensation through lost productivity.

When an individual becomes injured, they may become inundated with questions. While the aspects of such situations are both overwhelming and complex, enlisting the help of a personal injury lawyer is the first step in making it through the whole process while looking out for yourself and your loved ones during the process of healing. Affording a personal injury lawyer is only a matter of agreeing to a contingency fee agreement whereby the lawyer will be compensated with 10 to 30% of settlement funds depending whether or not the case goes to trail. Regardless of the settlement time frame, personal injury lawyers are well worth their time and produce results that simply cannot be accomplished alone.

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