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Highland Bus Accident Lawyers

Many Highland residents Highland take the bus to commute to and from their workplace, school, and countless other daily activities. The common carrier law in California requires that bus companies and their drivers use “care and diligence” when transporting passengers to their destinations.

Bus operators who violate this law endanger the safety and well-being of their passengers. Mechanical failure of poorly maintained buses and accidents caused by reckless driving can injure passengers, critically affecting their quality of life. Passengers who have sustained injuries want the bus company to be held responsible, so they turn to Highland Bus Accident Lawyers for help.

Investigating the Bus Operator’s Record
When a public, school, tour or charter bus has been in an accident, Highland Bus Accident Lawyers probe to determine the cause. An important part of the investigation is researching the driving record of the bus operator to determine his or her role in the accident. A review of the driver’s record will reveal any history of other accidents. A bus company can be held accountable for damages caused by their operators if they knowingly allow operators with a poor driving record to continue driving.

Investigating Bus Maintenance
Lawyers also conduct research to determine whether or not the bus company has properly maintained its vehicles and conducted the required inspections. Buses run for hours each day and are subjected to harsh weather, road and traffic conditions. If the bus company fails to perform routine maintenance, make necessary repairs, and conduct regular inspections, their buses do not run safely, and they put their passengers at significant risk for injury.

Representing Injured Passengers
Passengers who have sustained an injury on a bus need the help of a lawyer to navigate the bureaucracy of the bus company and its insurance company. Highland Bus Accident Lawyers will ensure that any settlements offered to injured passengers by the insurance company are fair and sufficient. Health care expenses can escalate at an alarming rate for a passenger who requires extensive medical care or physical therapy. An offer for a one-time settlement from the insurance company may not be enough to cover all of these expenses. Highland Bus Accident lawyers know how much compensation the law entitles their passengers to receive, and they will fight to get every penny from the bus companies.

Under California law, an injured party has up to six months from the date of an injury in a bus crash to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you or someone you know has been injured in a bus crash, contact Highland Bus Accident lawyers now so they can begin to get to work for you and get you the money to which you’re entitled.

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