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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Highland Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Pedestrian accidents happen every day in Highland, but they are not without their options. When a pedestrian is injured getting on and off a bus, is struck by a car or bicyclist or is simply walking down an unmaintained street and slips and falls, there are legal options for that pedestrian. With the help of accident lawyer in Highland, it is easy for the injured party to reach a settlement that is going to help them get back on their feet after a terrible accident.

Checking Every Aspect Of The Case

Every case has many variables that must be taken into consideration before the case is pursued. When a bus is involved, the bus driver’s record can be called into question. When a bicyclist or other motorist is involved, their driving or biking record can be called into question. As well, the vehicle involved can be checked to ensure that there are not other guilty parties regarding the maintenance of the vehicle.

When the pedestrian slips on a sidewalk or road, the city or municipality that is responsible for the road or sidewalk must be called into question. The maintenance records for that particular piece of road or sidewalk must be checked and the people that are supposed to be doing that maintenance can be called to answer for when and where they did the maintenance.

The Case’s Resolution

The case can be resolved very easily with the assistance of an accident lawyer who can help to find the guilty party guilty in the eyes of the court. These civil cases can be come to a conclusion that requires restitution of the guilty party and damages to be paid. Also, these cases can be settled out of court so that the injured party can have their medical bills, pain and suffering covered after the accident.

With proper representation, every person who is involved in a pedestrian accident can find the closure they need to get on with their life. With the monetary damages that are awarded through a win at trial or a settlement the person who was injured can get their finances in order, return to work, support their family or adjust to a new life after they could have been disabled.

There is no reason to live a different life after an accident when accident lawyers can give the best representation in court and out of court. A settlement or trial win will help the injured party move forward.

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