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1 Nov 2016

This is one of the most common questions our clients ask, and the answer is clear. To protect your family, you have to do whatever is necessary to ensure you don’t spend the rest of your life suffering due to someone else’s negligence. As a personal injury law firm, we see it all the time. We see accident victims who think their own issue is getting their car fixed, accept the settlement the at-fault driver’s insurance company offers, and find out later they suffered more serious medical issues than they originally believed. It’s common, and it’s devastating to realize you need ample medical attention, rehabilitation, and even unpaid time off work to deal, and you’re now responsible for the mounting medical bills.

You have rights as the victim of any type of accident. You have rights, and you have a right to the compensation you deserve. Your family didn’t ask for this kind of trouble. It was handed to you because someone else was not responsible, and you should protect your family by pursuing this matter to the best of your ability. Our law firm can help, and we’re going to explain to you why you should continue to protect your family even when you think you’re in the clear.

What Happens In an Accident?

Accidents happen all the time, and they all happen differently. No two accidents are the same, and people rarely suffer the exact same injuries in any type of accident. While some people are able to walk away without any injuries follow a rear-end collision, others are badly injured. When an accident occurs, there are numerous issues that might cost your family a lot of pain and suffering.

– Injury
– Death
– Paralysis
– Lifelong recovery
– Emotional stress
– Pain and suffering
– Loss of income due to medical issues
– Loss of job
– Loss of family

This all means something different to everyone. A simple car accident might leave you in the hospital for weeks due to burns and other injuries. Your emotional well-being might be affected following an accident. Perhaps you were hit from behind, and now you have a panic attack anytime you see a car in your rearview mirror. This causes more emotional stress, which could cause anxiety and depression. Perhaps your fear of driving becomes so bad you’re unable to care for your family and your spouse leaves you. This is pain and suffering, and much of this requires long-term medical care. Do you have the money to pay for those medical bills after ever therapy session? Does your insurance cover these costs?

Your family deserves protection, and that means finding a personal injury attorney who deals with this all the time. You don’t want to accept the settlement offered by the at-fault driver’s insurance company right away. In doing this, you give up most all your rights. If you take this money and find out later you have more medical issues, you’re now responsible for paying for treatment even though someone else is to blame.

Your family’s well-being is dependent on your actions following any accident. Accidents are often devastating, and they last a lifetime. Personal injury attorneys want to ensure your clients aren’t liable for their own pain and suffering, and we don’t want to see you fall into a financial hole paying for medical treatment you need because someone else was negligent. Following any accident, you can protect yourself by calling a personal injury attorney. It’s the first thing you do when you are released from the scene of the accident.

It’s also recommended you seek medical treatment immediately. Never say no to medical treatment when an accident was someone else’s fault. There are many instances in which an accident victim looks fine but suffers from injuries not visible to the naked eye. Protecting your family means calling a personal injury attorney and seeking medical treatment. Let the professionals do their job to ensure you are cared for, your health is cared for, and your family is cared for.

The hours and days following an accident are traumatic and confusing. Don’t go through this alone, and don’t make the mistake of assuming what’s offered to you is all you’re going to get. You deserve compensation to help you recover without sacrificing your peace of mind. Let us help you find the relief you’re looking for following an accident. You’re not responsible for other people’s negligence.

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