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How Do I Choose A Lawyer That Is Right For Me?

23 Mar 2018

Choosing the right lawyer for you depends on the unique circumstances in your case. Just like how you wouldn’t see a foot doctor when you are having troubles with your heart, it is important you know what to look for in a skilled attorney so you can get a favorable ruling if the case were to go to trial.

Before choosing a lawyer based on a catchy television commercial or an ad on the internet, here are some things to consider to make certain you choose the right lawyer for you.

Finding a Law Firm Handling Your Case
It doesn’t make sense to choose a law firm specializing in criminal law when you are trying to be represented in a personal injury case. There are a number of law firms that handle just about every type case, everything from family law, personal injury, to criminal law. These firms might be great in one area, but their focus is on so many areas that it is hard to gauge their expertise in one over another. When you have been injured in an auto accident, you want a law firm that specializes in personal injury cases.

This means they will have a staff dedicated to this one area of law, and many professional inroads to those in the field that can help. Be sure the law firm you consider has several years experience in the area you need help with representation.

Reaching Out on Social Media
With so many lawyers to choose from in your region, now is the time to use the power of social media to help you to narrow down your search. There are many groups on Facebook that are just for locals in certain cities. Find the group for your city and then simply introduce yourself and see if anyone has had experience with a lawyer in a similar situation as yours. Not only will locals offer their opinions and experience with lawyers, you may even get the attorney themselves to enter the conversation.

In some instances, you can just do a search for lawyers and the conversations will pop up from the past of local residents who’ve used certain legal firms.

Taking Advantage of a Free Consultation
Once you have narrowed down your search, don’t be afraid to meet with the lawyer and take advantage of their free consultation. The consultation is your opportunity to get a feel for the personality of your lawyer and how you interact with them. If you don’t have a good rapport now, then how do you think things will be after months or years working together? If you have questions about the process, now is the time to ask.

One thing to find out too is if the person who is speaking with you at the free consultation will in fact be your attorney or will the case be assigned to another attorney in the firm.

Asking the Tougher Questions
Don’t be afraid to ask an attorney who you are considering the tough questions. If this attorney is going to represent you, now is the time to see all their qualifications. To start, ask the lawyer how long they have specialized in these cases. Next, find out how many of these cases they have won, and what the average settlement amount was in the end.

Be sure to find out what percentage of cases settled before trial, what was the average time it took to settle a case, and what fees the attorney takes out of the settlement. Get these answers now in writing so there is no confusion moving forward.

Choosing the right lawyer for your unique case will ensure you get the most favorable outcome. This could be a relationship that lasts for many years, so your due diligence early on will help you locate the best candidate to help you win your claim.

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