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24 Mar 2018
How Do I Get My Medical Bills Paid After a Car Accident?
Getting your medical bills paid after a car accident can be done in one of two ways. Either you can gather evidence in your case and represent yourself in court, or you can hire a skilled local personal injury attorney to take care of the details while you focus on healing. Most people have no idea how costly those medical bills will be in the future, especially if the injury is permanent.

Here are the advantages to hiring a personal injury lawyer to get the at-fault driver’s insurance company to pay your medical bills.

Collecting the Evidence to Prove the Case
In order to get your medical bills paid by the at-fault driver’s insurance company, your attorney needs to build a strong case with solid evidence. In order to do this, they will send out their accident investigative team the second you call to inquire about their services. This team will preserve the accident scene by taking a lengthy video, snapping hundreds of pictures, reaching out to witnesses, and taking important measurements around where the vehicles collided.

This evidence is the key to giving both judge and jury an accurate representation of what that location looked like on the day of the accident.

Getting the Opinion of Medical Experts
It can be difficult to get a judge to rule in your favor or insurance company to cut a huge settlement check when you only have the hospital physician’s report to go by. Your personal injury attorney will make certain that you are seen by the best doctors in the country, and will use their expert testimony to solidify the claim that your injuries are worth the requested settlement amount.

These doctors are highly respected in the region, and when they add a video or written testimony to their claims, it can often sway the judge or jury to award the maximum cash settlement in the case.

Presenting the Right Offer to the Insurance Company
One issue you may have if you decided to try and fight the insurance company is settle for far too less than you deserve. The issue is that the insurance company hires lawyers who get paid a great sum to make certain to keep their client from paying out too much. If they get wind of your injuries, they might offer you a substantial amount in the hopes you take the money and close the case. The offer, unfortunately, is a small fraction of what a skilled attorney could have won for you.

Your personal injury attorney will collect the evidence and meet with the doctors to determine how this injury will impact you for years to come. The settlement request will be a combination of the total due for bills today and in your later years, your losses, and your suffering into the future.

Fighting Hard to Secure a Top Settlement
If the insurance company does not provide a settlement check as requested by your attorney, then your lawyer will prepare for the case to go to trial. At the trial, your attorney will bring evidence that supports the other driver was at fault, testimony from a number of expert physicians, and proof the injury will negatively impact your life moving forward. Your attorney will make the insurance company aware that the trial will be lengthy and costly, and only add to the settlement costs.

You will stand little chance alone in court up against a skilled insurance company law firm. Your best bet to getting your medical bills paid after a car accident is letting an expert personal injury lawyer fight on your behalf.

There is no telling how much those medical bills will run you well into your later years, best to have a skilled lawyer fighting now to get the largest cash settlement so you can live your live moving forward without that pressure hanging over you.

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