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How much does it cost to speak with you about my situation?

1 Nov 2016

When an accident occurs and victims are facing numerous stressful situations, one of the most important decisions they should make is speaking with an attorney. However, because they are dealing with many issues, they believe they may not have enough money to speak with an attorney regarding the circumstances of their accident. As a result, victims choose to do little or nothing in an effort to get compensation for their pain and suffering. Yet while doing this, the good news is that the vast majority of personal injury lawyers make it extremely easy for victims to have an opportunity to discuss their cases in a relaxed environment.

No Win, No Fee
One of the biggest advantages of personal injury lawyers is that they work on what is known as a no win, no fee basis. For accident victims, this means they will not be expected to have hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront in order to speak with an attorney or have them accept their case. Also known as contingency fee arrangements, they give victims the chance to have their voices heard without worrying about paying tremendous amounts of money from the beginning. As a result, accident victims can have the opportunity to hire personal injury lawyers with many years of knowledge and experience in cases such as theirs, giving them an excellent chance of having a successful outcome to their case.

Free Consultations
Along with working on a no win, no fee basis, most personal injury lawyers make it very clear they offer free consultations to potential clients. Making it as easy as possible for those who have been injured to have a voice in the justice system, personal injury lawyers are determined to make those who have been negligent toward others accept responsibility for their carelessness. By choosing to put the lives of those who have been injured ahead of money, these attorneys provide an invaluable service to those victims who otherwise would have few if any options.

Contingency Fee Arrangements
In most of these situations when a personal injury lawyer agrees to take a case, they and their client will normally agree to a contingency fee arrangement. Typically, the attorney will cover many of the upfront costs associated with these cases, taking tremendous pressure off of their client. In addition, the lawyer’s fees will be deducted from the final amount of the verdict or settlement, giving the victim even greater peace of mind. As an added bonus, victims can often negotiate various types of contingency fee arrangements with their lawyer, making it possible for virtually any client to retain the services of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

Settlement Costs
While many personal injury cases go to trial, just as many if not more never reach the courtroom. Instead, lawyers for both sides meet and work out a settlement that is agreeable to all parties. When this happens, contingency fees generally vary from 33-40 percent. If a settlement is reached prior to filing a lawsuit, attorneys usually receive 33 percent of the settlement amount. However, if the settlement is reached after the lawsuit is filed, the lawyer is entitled to up to 40 percent of the settlement amount. In many of these cases, accident victims may be tempted to reject a pre-suit settlement offer, but that can be a mistake. Since these cases can get more expensive as they progress, many personal injury lawyers will generally recommend victims accept these settlements.

Which Costs and Expenses are Covered?
What many accident victims fail to understand is that there are many different expenses associated with personal injury cases. Because of this, attorneys may cover many of these in an effort to help their clients. Whether it’s expert witness fees, investigator salaries, filing fees, or even postage, these expenses can quickly accumulate. Therefore, it’s imperative for accident victims to hire the services of a personal injury lawyer who knows how to bring these cases to a quick resolution.

Speak With an Attorney Now
Instead of sitting back and wondering if you have the financial resources needed to hire a lawyer, take advantage of a free consultation and speak with an attorney as soon as possible. When you do, you will find a person who not only cares about you and your situation, but is also willing to fight for you and your rights. By putting your trust in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced legal expert skilled in these matters, you may find yourself getting the compensation you truly deserve.

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