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How Pico Rivera Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Determine Fault

Anyone who has been involved in a slip and fall accident in Pico Rivera will need to prove fault in order to win a lawsuit against the property owner. Proving fault is a complex legal issue that should really only be handled by professional Pico Rivera slip and fall accident lawyers. These attorneys determine fault in several ways.

The Property Owner Caused the Dangerous Conditions

One of the most basic ways that Pico Rivera attorneys will determine fault is by looking at whether the property owner caused the dangerous conditions. This includes exploring if anyone employed by the owner like a cashier or janitor was responsible. Spilling liquids on the ground and leaving them there or placing obstructions in a walkway are examples of this. Ice forming due to the cold and another customer in a store knocking over a display are examples of situations that are not the fault of the property owner.

The Property Owner Intentionally Ignored the Issue

Although it is difficult to prove, property owners who intentionally ignored a clear safety hazard can be held liable for a slip and fall accident. Intentionally ignoring the issue means the property owner was aware of some danger that could cause a slip and fall and did nothing to repair the problem. Pico Rivera lawyers are necessary to prove this type of fault. They will have to find evidence on the property or from other people that the owner knew about the problem.

Reasonable Efforts Were Not Made To Maintain Safety

Pico Rivera property owners who do not take reasonable efforts to maintain a safe environment for the public can be held at fault for slip and fall injuries. This type of fault occurs when the owner makes careless or thoughtless decisions about things in common walkways. Leaving cords across the ground for no reason or stacking unbalanced boxes in an aisle are both examples of not taking reasonable steps to maintain safety.

The Property Owner Had Time to Fix the Problem

One final way attorneys in Pico Rivera will determine fault is by looking at whether the property owner had time to fix the problem causing the slip and fall but did not. This is a common cause of fault in cases where carpets, tiles and entire properties are left unmaintained for years. The property owners can be held liable for not taking action in that time to repair the problem.

A slip and fall accident can have serious long-term effects on an individual and the family. Handling settlements or lawsuits alone is never a good idea. Calling Pico Rivera slip and fall accident lawyers will allow anyone who is recovering from an injury to legally pursue the party at fault and work towards receiving fair compensation.

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