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How Thousand Oaks Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Determine Damages

A slip and fall accident in Thousand Oaks can affect every part of the life of the injured person. It can affect relationships, a job and finances. Lawyers will work hard to make sure the responsible party pays fairly for the negligence by calculating damages. Thousand Oaks slip and fall accident lawyers will determine damages based on several factors.

Medical Expenses

Most lawyers in Thousand Oaks will start with the most basic compensatory damages such as medical expenses. Any money already spent on treatments to deal with the injury will be added to the damages. Good slip and fall attorneys will also include the cost of any future medical treatments even if there is a chance they might not be needed. The cost of medical equipment and even maintenance medications could be included in damages as well.

Lost Income

The second type of compensatory damages Thousand Oaks attorneys will include is lost income. Lost income is the amount of money from a job that was not earned because of an inability to work due to the injury. This can even include variable amounts of income from sources like sales commissions.

Permanent Disabilities

If an injury from a slip and fall is so serious that it causes a permanent disability, then an experienced lawyer in Thousand Oaks will add some amount to the damages requested. The amount is largely based on how much the disability affects normal activities. Establishing a permanent disability usually requires expert testimony from a medical professional. There are no set figures for what can be awarded if a slip and fall results in a permanent disability.

Pain and Suffering

Damages can include some amount for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering could be physical or psychological. Most slip and fall cases involve only physical pain and suffering. This amount is awarded if it can be proven that an individual suffered extreme pain while sustaining or recovering from the slip and fall accident. The amount can vary greatly based on the liability of the defendant and the extent of the injury.

Punitive Damages

There are cases where the actions of the liable party are so reckless or negligent that the court deems punitive damages are necessary. These damages are granted purely to punish the responsible party. They can range from small sums to very large amounts. Punitive damages are only awarded in court cases if the defendant has full liability and has gone beyond simple negligence.

It is very difficult to claim damages for items like pain and suffering or lost wages without the experience and resources of an attorney. This is because some damages must meet strict legal definitions to be considered. Thousand Oaks slip and fall accident lawyers will help clients to get the maximum amount deserved for damages.

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