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Huntington Beach Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Every state in the U.S. provides official laws via vehicle codes on how drivers must operate when there are pedestrians around, and California is no exception. <a href=””>Section 21950(a)</a> of the California Vehicle Code requires drivers to yield to pedestrians when there is someone in a crosswalk. Additionally, the code also states that vehicles must yield to pedestrians even if there is no printed or marked crosswalk at an intersection.

The California Vehicle Code also states, in Section 21950(b), that a pedestrian must take “care for his or her safety.” As long as a pedestrian has obeyed the rules of the crosswalk and has looked both ways before crossing the street, normal traffic must yield.

<strong>Routine Excuses During Investigations</strong>

Huntington Beach pedestrian accident lawyers routinely investigate the circumstances surrounding pedestrian accidents and find that there are many different types of crashes. In addition, there may be several reasons for those accidents as well various excuses that drivers make when they hit a person in a crosswalk.

Many drivers will try to use the excuse that a pedestrian jumped out in front of the car and put himself or herself in danger. Sometimes there are traffic cameras and video evidence that may prove this wrong; however, an injured pedestrian will need to rely on the help of his or her lawyer to ensure the truth comes out during a trial.

<strong>Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents</strong>

With today’s frequent use of smartphones by vehicle drivers, the likelihood of an accident that involves a moving car and a pedestrian has increased. Despite a <a href=””>2009 law</a> that prohibited texting and driving, accidents where a driver’s attention was on his phone instead of on the road have continued to occur.

Pedestrian accidents also often occur because of a driver’s failure to follow standard traffic rules, such as stopping at stop signs, traffic lights, and obeying the posted speed limit. Additionally, some accidents may occur because a driver is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Many drivers don’t take their responsibility behind the wheel seriously, and accidents result.

<strong>Getting Help After an Accident</strong>

No injury victim should feel that his case is impossible because he’s just one person and the driver is part of a corporation or is wealthy. No one should remain uncompensated for an accident where another party is at fault. The legal system provides valid and strong recourse for victims of pedestrian accidents.

Insurance companies, opposing lawyers, and the at-fault driver may try to suggest that a pedestrian might be at fault due to reckless behavior. Don’t be bullied by these affluent groups who try to throw a lot of money at the system to win. Contact Huntington Beach pedestrian accident lawyers as quickly as possible to ensure the greatest chance for help and compensation.

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