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Huntington Park Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Pedestrian accidents are almost never minor, and they are very frequently tragic. Government statistics indicate that more than ten people are killed in a pedestrian accident every day of the year. Huntington Park is not immune to accidents like these, and longtime residents all know someone who has been hit. These aren’t good odds for anyone that has suffered as a pedestrian in a traffic accident. Unfortunately, despite how common pedestrian accidents are, it can be difficult to find appropriate assistance for dealing with them in the legal arena. This is where pedestrian accident lawyers distinguish themselves as critical people to have on your side.

Pedestrian accident lawyers are those that make it a point to get your pedestrian accident case right. The ins-and-outs of traffic laws and those governing personal injury can both be very complex. When the two are combined in a pedestrian accident, it can be a real hassle to get anything done. Once insurance companies get involved, the whole thing can promptly spiral out of the realm of feasibility for the average civilian without a law degree to manage. Pedestrian accident lawyers step in to make these situations easiest on the people who need it most: those that have suffered a pedestrian accident, as well as their families.

There are a number of benefits to having a pedestrian accident lawyer on your case. First and foremost comes their extensive experience. Experience counts for a lot in the law profession. Experience spells the difference between knowing what will work and taking a guess. You don’t want your legal professionals having to take guesses. A pedestrian accident lawyer will go the extra mile to investigate every aspect of your case. Often as not, the other side won’t have the same benefit, and a more-thorough investigation can easily demonstrate their culpability in your injury.

Many lawyers are willing to offer reduced prices for their representation, often in exchange for a percentage of the settlement. They understand that the court system is difficult to navigate, particularly for someone who is suffering an injury and may be out of work and suffering financially as a result. They treat their clients like human beings, providing much better service along the way. It’s hard to go wrong with a lawyer who understands your capabilities and limitations as a person and is willing to work with you on the terms of your needs. It can turn otherwise-nightmarish cases into slam dunks for the wronged.

If you have suffered in a pedestrian accident, there’s little reason not to look into what pedestrian accident lawyers would be willing to take your case. Make the call and get in touch. A good lawyer will be more than eager to see how they can help you.

Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all crosswalks when the light is green and the walk light is flashing. Unfortunately, too many drivers disregard this law and speed through intersections anyway. Driver inattentiveness is another major reason behind collisions involving vehicles and pedestrians. These types of accident can also happen away from crosswalks or involve people rollerblading, using a skateboard or riding their bike. If you or a close family member have been injured in this manner, Milpitas pedestrian accident lawyers are available to take your case on a contingency basis.

What to Expect at Your Free Consultation

Your first appointment with Milpitas pedestrian accident lawyers typically lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. During this time, the attorney you meet with will ask you numerous questions to learn more about your case. Although the vehicle driver always bears greater responsibility in a pedestrian accident, you must follow safety rules as well. The attorney needs to prove liability before he or she can proceed with a personal injury lawsuit against the other party. He or she will ask you about weather conditions, what time the accident happened, what you were wearing, how fast the vehicle was travelling and several similar questions. The consultation appointment is also a good opportunity for you to learn more about the qualifications of your prospective attorney.

Investigating Your Claim

If the Milpitas pedestrian accident lawyer that you meet with feels that your case has merit, he or she will immediately start investigating in order to prove your claim. You must present clear evidence to a judge and jury in order to win a personal injury lawsuit. In some cases, the insurance agent for the other party may offer you a settlement in order to avoid going to court. If you don’t feel the amount is sufficient, you have the option of refusing it and taking the case to court.

Financial Compensation You May Be Entitled to Receive

The potential for serious injury in an accident between a pedestrian and a vehicle is huge. You or your family member may suffer a brain injury, a spinal cord injury, broken bones or permanent disfigurement. If you or the injured person were the sole financial support for your family, the accident can be even more devastating. Milpitas pedestrian accident lawyers work hard to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your medical costs, lost wages and other expenses. This includes the future cost of your care and compensation for lost earning capacity. Your attorney will also seek a monetary settlement for the pain and suffering you endure as the result of the accident.

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