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Carlsbad Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

There’s a few things that attract people to Carlsbad. For some, it’s the small town atmosphere amidst a central population that’s one of the most sought out metropolitan areas in the United States. For others, it’s beautiful year-round weather. Many come to Carlsbad because it’s a sleepy little beach town with palm tree lined roads and direct access to the beach. With its laid back demeanor, it can be easy to let yourself off guard and find yourself the victim of a pedestrian accident. By taking the time in being aware, you will find the path to the beach safely and without incident. Here’s a few things to look out for while combing the beaches.

<strong>Narrow Streets</strong>
Towns that rest along the shoreline are known for their premium space. Land is consumed with condos, cottages, and small houses that are neatly lined along very narrow streets and alley ways. These passages are often lined with parked cars and access points to garages and parking spaces. Many drivers can be in a hurry and pull out of these spaces without realizing that a pedestrian is in their path. Likewise, driving these narrow passages can prove to be difficult as they share the road with bicycle riders, skateboarders, and walkers alike. It’s a good idea to take extra care when traveling these roads.

<strong>Lack of Sidewalks</strong>
One of the things that give Carlsbad its small town feel is not only those narrow roads but its connection with nature. The sand, sea, and greenery often mesh alongside with busy roads, highways, and streets. On many these roads, there is a lack of sidewalks that allow pedestrians to travel. These shrubbery lined paths are often nothing more than dirt paths carved by decades of foot travel while a few feet away vehicles are cruising by at breakneck speed. Try to keep some distance from the road and refrain from crossing busy streets that don’t have a crosswalk.

<strong>Highway 101</strong>
Slicing through Carlsbad is the American Highway 101, or Coast Highway 101 as it’s called. This true to life bit of Americana stretches from San Diego to Orange County were it converges into the Pacific Coast Highway and then a major interstate through Los Angeles and beyond. This piece of highway is also the center of activity in Carlsbad. Shops, eateries, and local businesses call this their business route and it’s normally quite active. Ensure your safety by being alert and crossing in designated areas.

Whether your enjoying the festivities of Highway 101, taking a stroll to catch some surf, or hiking the nature paths that lead off from the busy roads, by taking safety precautions you will continue to be able to enjoy every that Carlsbad has to offer. If those activities find you a victim of an accident, give Carlsbad Pedestrian Accident Lawyers a call.

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