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I didn’t think I was hurt, but now I feel horrible. What do I do?

Some car accidents cause immediate, devastating consequences that are readily apparent at the scene. Others cause not-so-obvious injuries that become more noticeable over time. For example, whiplash is one of those slow appearing car accident ailments that don’t immediately make themselves known. They appear shortly after a car accident and then the symptoms become worse over time. While there are some cases of whiplash that will cause immediate symptoms, others appear more slowly over the course of a few days. Pay close attention to your physical well-being after a car accident. Sometimes things can be wrong that don’t appear right away.

I didn’t think I was hurt, but now I feel horrible. What do I do?

Far too many people want to just walk away from a car accident and thank God that nothing too serious seemed to happen to them. They might pretend like they are okay, like they aren’t jittery, or ignore physical symptoms that something is wrong that was the result of the accident. You may walk away from your accident feeling like you escaped with no injuries.

A couple of days later, you may experience headache, dizziness, and neck stiffness. These are the hallmark symptoms of whiplash and they can be very scary at first. You may have failed to contact a personal injury lawyer because you believed there was nothing wrong with your physical well-being after the accident. You also might have skipped a doctor’s appointment to make sure everything was okay.

If this sounds like your circumstances, it’s possible that you have whiplash. As a result, you should immediately schedule a doctor’s appointment and contact an personal injury law firm. Whiplash symptoms vary by person and can differ in length and severity. In some cases, there are other things wrong that might not fit the definition of whiplash. Because of the traumatic nature of a car accident, it’s entirely possible to not even notice the physical symptoms for a few days after the accident. Don’t let this discourage you from seeking compensation. You have a set amount of time to file a lawsuit, but you definitely have more than a few days to do so. If you are feeling terrible about your car accident, contacting a doctor is the first step and a lawyer the second. Health always comes first for any victim.

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We’ve been working on personal injury cases for decades now and we know exactly how to handle each case. It’s our personal experience that clients who don’t immediately notice symptoms often develop them later after the accident when things have calmed down. Only then do you notice the damage the accident has caused. Remember that not all damage is physical. There are times when you’ll develop psychological symptoms after a car accident, sometimes resulting in a fear of driving or other unrelated activities, all of them stemming from your unsettling experience behind the wheel of a car.

Justice is something we’re passionate about. We don’t believe in giving up on a case just because it took you a few days to notice your symptoms. This is far more common than you might think. Not everyone walks away from a car accident bleeding or riding in the back of an ambulance. Some people go home, feel traumatized, and it takes a day or a few days to realize that the accident caused more damage than they thought.

You are the only person who can pursue your case. If you want to get the best results from your insurance company, negligent drivers, and anyone else who was at fault in your case, then contacting our offices is your best move. We’ll give you a free consultation, tell you what your options are, and go to work for you from day one until we’ve obtained the results that you want. We get maximum compensation for our clients and settle for nothing less. It’s our belief that when justice is on the line, nothing but the most positive outcomes are a possibility. We use our legal expertise to get our clients the money that they deserve for the pain and suffering they’ve been through since their accident.

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