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I didn’t think I was hurt, but now I feel horrible. What do I do?

Many accident victims are in shock following an accident, and they don’t notice their injuries. Other injuries simply don’t show up right away, only to manifest several days after an accident occurs. When an accident victim is able to walk away from an accident and there’s no visible damage to their bodies, they tend to forgo medical assistance. It’s easy to assume you’re feeling just fine when you see no visible scars, but medical help should be sought regardless. Now that a few days have passed and you’re no longer feeling so good following an accident, it’s time to familiarize yourself with your options.

See the Doctor

The first thing to do is visit the doctor. You’ve put it off long enough at this point, and now it’s mandatory. Discuss your pain, the accident, and what you’ve noticed is different about your overall health or body since the accident occurred. While it’s natural to feel sore after an accident, some of the most serious injuries that can occur to a person’s body aren’t always obvious. The best course of action is to see the doctor immediately following the accident, or as soon as possible when you notice pain begin to occur.

Even if you’re confident you aren’t injured following an accident, it’s wise to see the doctor. The injuries you sustained might not be visible, and they could be more dangerous left unnoticed. Have a checkup. Let the doctor look you over to determine what might have happened in the accident. Not only does this help your case when you hire a personal injury attorney, it could also save your life. Some of the most dangerous health problems stem from injuries you don’t see and don’t treat.

Take Time Off Work

If your injury is serious enough, you’ll need time to recover. If you work a physically demanding job, your injuries might make it impossible for you to work following diagnosis and into recovery. A note from your doctor prohibiting you from working is all it takes to secure time off until your health is back on good terms, but this doesn’t guarantee you’ll be compensated for the time you’re taking off. While some employers are happy to allow their employees time off work to recover from an injury with a paycheck, others can’t afford to or aren’t willing to do that.

If the accident occurred at work, you’re going to want to take time off right away. It might be a conflict of interest to be in the office while you are discussing your case with a personal injury attorney. Your employer could use the fact you came back to work against you, which could result in a loss for you.

Take Notes

Now that you’ve suffered an injury, it’s time to document everything that has occurred since your accident. You’re now paying medical bills, taking time off work, and you’re potentially at risk of going into debt because of medical bills and lost wages at work. If the accident in which you were involved was caused by someone else’s negligence, now is a good time to contact a personal injury attorney. The job of a personal injury attorney is to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

By visiting the doctor, getting a medical diagnosis, taking time off work to recover, and documenting every doctor’s appointment, every expense associated with the accident, and every piece of evidence associated with the accident, you help your attorney seek the compensation you deserve. You and your attorney might seek compensation for the following:

– Pain and suffering
– Medical bills
– The cost of replacing your property if applicable
– Lost wages

Accidents happen all the time, and they can occur anywhere and at any time. Whether your accident occurred at work, on the road due to someone else’s driving, or at someone’s home following a slip and fall incident, you are entitled to compensation if the at-fault party was negligent in causing the accident. Call a personal injury attorney today to discuss your options, and to see how you can seek the medical attention you need for injuries that don’t appear right away following an accident.

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