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I feel fine; should I still see a doctor after my automobile accident?

29 Oct 2016

A common frequently asked question that people ask after having an accident is should I still see a doctor after my automobile accident even though I feel well? As many people involved in a car accident go onto later discover, feeling well after getting into an accident is not a guarantee that a person has not sustained injuries or won’t experience pain sometime in the future.

Pain Can Take a Long Time To Surface

Although many involved in accidents experience severe pain almost immediately, in other cases the pain and suffering associated with personal injuries sustained in a car accident can take days, weeks or even months after an accident to surface. As such, even if you do not have any apparent injuries or feel well enough to walk around, you should schedule an appointment to see your doctor for a thorough check up.

Injuries May be Internal and Require an Expert

People who are in car accidents sustain a wide range of injuries. Some of these injuries are apparent and others are not. Often a doctor won’t know the extent of an injury until he or she orders x-rays. Although it is rare not to feel any pain after an accident, many drivers and passengers who have been in an accident feel fine enough to walk around and continue leading a normal life.

Since pain can arise, days, weeks and sometimes months later, many people who initially fail to schedule an appointment go onto regret not going in to see their doctor sooner. Even if a patient is not currently experiencing pain, doctors often make recommendations on what to do if pain does arise at a later date in the future. Following your doctor’s recommendations may help you start feeling better sooner.

Doctors Recommend Can Prescribe Medication and Make Recommendations

Although it is never too late to schedule an appointment to see a doctor, the sooner you go into see your doctor the better it is for you. The best time to go in for a checkup is right after you have been in a car accident. This is because most doctors are trained to help recognize signs and symptoms of trauma.

By scheduling an appointment as soon after a car accident, you will be on your way to reducing the chance of exacerbating any injuries you sustained and reducing or eliminating your pain now and in the future. Although nothing is guaranteed, by taking these initial steps you may decrease the chances of becoming progressively worse as time passes.

Seeking Medical Treatment Can Help Your Case

If you plan to file a lawsuit against the other driver for injuries that you sustained in a car accident, then you definitely want seek medical attention. Not seeking medical attention can have an impact on your case in one way or another. insurance companies always take the time to carefully review the facts and medical records submitted.

In addition, by taking the time to see your doctor you are providing proof that you have done everything that you can to minimize your pain and suffering by seeking timely medical treatment. Not seeking medical treatment is often a defense that insurance companies raise to avoid paying out on a claim. For these and all of the reasons listed above, it is important to see your doctor after having a car accident even if you are feeling well.

As many drivers and passengers go onto discover, pain from injuries can surface days, weeks and months after an accident. Every case is different, so always make plans to see a doctor as soon as possible. By taking the time to schedule an appointment with a doctor as soon after an accident, drivers and passengers who have been in an automobile accident will have the added reassurance that they have done everything they can to mitigate their damages.

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