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I’m looking for a union-friendly lawyer after being injured on the job. Can you help?

I’m looking for a union-friendly lawyer after being injured on the job. Can you help?
Getting injured on the job isn’t something that’s easy to process. You’re not sure what to do, but you’re hurt and you might miss a great deal of work – and your medical bills are piling up. To make things even more complicated, you are a member of a union and you know that there are specific things you need to do. Before you panic, it’s important to know that you can get help finding a union-friendly lawyer. He or she has the skills and knowledge available to help you get through your case and try to return your life to normal.

Using Your Resources

It’s important to start your search for an attorney by using the resources you have available. Your union show steward or representative should be able to help you find someone from a list of lawyers that have worked with the union before. With this said, you should absolutely not feel like you need to be limited to a list of attorneys with whom your union has worked. You are looking for someone who will represent you, not your union. This may mean going outside of the approved list and finding an attorney who is familiar enough with union matters to help present your case.

It’s a better idea to talk to an attorney to find out if he or she is familiar with union matters on your own. If the attorney does not have the capability to handle a case, he or she will usually be able to provide you with a recommendation. This is a normal part of dealing with attorneys, and you’ll have a better chance of finding an independent lawyer if you just start by asking an attorney with whom you are already comfortable. In many cases, though, the attorney’s recommendation will line up with someone your union recommends.

Why Union-Friendly?

It’s important that you deal with an attorney who is truly friendly to unions for a few basic reasons. First and foremost is the fact that the attorney will better be able to deal with whatever rules and processes your union has in place. The lawyer will also possess a better understanding of the interactions between the union and management, and thus will be able to walk a fine line when negotiating. These relationships may seem simple while you are participating in them, but they can be very complex from a legal standpoint. You always want an expert’s help.

It’s also important to remember that a union-friendly lawyer is more likely to have experience with cases that are similar to your own. He or she doesn’t just deal with injuries, but may also deal with injuries in a setting similar to yours that should be covered by a contract. This means that he or she will have more power when negotiating and will be able to give you better advice. There’s nothing simple about any kind of injury or incident, of course, but there’s always precedent. If your lawyer knows what’s happened before, he or she can help predict what will happen next.

Finally, a union-friendly lawyer is better equipped to deal with the pressure you may be experiencing from all sides. You may not have issues just with your management, but also with your union. Your lawyer will then fight to make sure that it’s not only the union who is happy, but that you receive the compensation that you deserve. A good lawyer puts his or her client first, even if he or she is union-friendly. Good union-friendly lawyers know how to satisfy all parties involved.

If you are injured or involved in an incident while you are under a union contract, make sure to talk to a union-friendly attorney. If you don’t know an attorney, you can contact us to talk more about your situation. In many cases, we will be able to help you with your issue and help you take the next step. Even if we can’t help you, we can help you to find someone who can do so. It’s our job not just to represent our clients, but to do so in the best manner possible. Sometimes, that means referring them on to someone who can handle the case with more experience than we can bring to the table.

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