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Inglewood Bus Accident Lawyers

Residents of Inglewood rely on buses to take them to and from school or work. There are several different neighboring cities’ buses in addition to the Metro that run through Inglewood. One thing that bus travelers quickly realize is that there are no seatbelts in buses. When a bus crashes, the passengers are usually thrown from their seats unless they happen to be holding onto a railing during a low-speed collision. When bus accidents occur, many passengers are usually injured to the point they need medical care. If they are lucky, they will only require treatment for minor injuries. However, some people are not so fortunate and sustain lifelong injuries or disabilities. When this happens, it is important to work with experienced Inglewood bus accident lawyers to receive compensation.

The first step attorneys take is to investigate the situation. They find out whether any other vehicles were involved and who was at fault. Bus providers and drivers still have a degree of responsibility in crashes, and this is especially true if they caused the accident. The attorneys will have the bus itself analyzed. The condition and maintenance schedule are reviewed closely. If a problem with the bus itself was not the cause of the accident, the attorneys look at the bus driver.

Driving a bus is serious business. It is a difficult enough task with a big responsibility for multiple lives, so bus drivers are required to acquire a special license. The testing and licensing requirements they are subject to are much stricter than those associated with a regular driver’s license. If the bus driver had a medical condition, was under the influence of an illegal substance or was distracted at the time of the accident, the attorneys will do all in their power to prove these details.

Some people make the mistake of trying to represent themselves in court, which usually ends up in the bus company’s favor. If a person tries to work directly with the bus company’s insurer, he or she will likely be bullied into accepting a settlement that is not nearly enough to cover medical bills or lost wages. Having an experienced attorney is the best way to get enough money to survive on. Future medical costs, lost income and other expenses are taken into consideration for a settlement.

If you or someone you know was in a bus accident recently, it is important to call us immediately. California state law limits the amount of time you have to file a claim, so the accident must have occurred within the past six months. Call us today to learn how you can get the money you are entitled to.

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