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The insurance company is arguing about my injuries. What do I do?

31 Jul 2017

Did you know an injury accident occurs every 14 seconds in America? For this reason, it’s important to understand how to present an injury related case to an insurance company. What you do can prevent a claims representative from arguing with you about your injuries.

1. Present photos.

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A well depicted flesh wound or deep cut can’t be refuted by the human eye. Therefore, take pictures of your injuries and present them as proof. Be sure they are as follows:

  • Colorful – Photos in color reveal the difference between a simple bruise or a purple contusion.
  • Date Stamped – Photos with a date and time indicate that an injury occurred after an accident. They prove cause and relation.
  • Hard Copy – Don’t send photos over e-mail that can be lost or deleted. It’s better to send ones that are printed and blown up through certified mail.

2. Release a medical report.

Did you seek medical care because of a car accident? Release the report to your insurance company. History shows this is the best way to convince an insurance company of an injury. Sign a limited medical release that allows your doctor to only mail out details of a visit and other items such as x-rays that prove an injury was related to your car accident. This type of proof cannot be denied by an insurance company.

3. Refer to a witness.

Who was in the car with you at the time of the accident or at the scene? This party can offer up support for an injury. He or she can state if you discussed being in pain or had signs of being hurt after the car accident. A witness’ words could be vital in an event of soft tissue injuries, especially if you decided to self-treat.

4. Discuss the car’s impact.

Impact – the speed and intensity of a car accident – is often used to prove injuries. If your car was totaled and crash occurred on the side you were on, it’s easy to believe an injury occurred. To support your case, send the insurance company:

  • Photos of car damage – This type of photo depicts how hard another car hit yours.
  • Photos of skid marks – The presence of skid marks relates to high speed.
  • Photos of Interior Damage – A picture of a broken car seat or seat belt indicates the impact was hard.

5. Request an in-person meeting.

Statistics show in-person meetings help move people forward in the arena of work. So schedule one with your claims representative. He or she can see your mobility or lack of because of an injury. It also makes you more of a human being to this individual instead of a person on paper. Before you meet, be ready to answer questions regarding your injury such as whether the pain was initial and how you’ve been receiving care.

6. File a complaint with the DOI.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies have a poor reputation when it comes to settling injury claims. They try to cheat people out of money. By submitting a report to the Department of Insurance (DOI), it forces the insurance company to answer to a higher power. This may dramatically change their focus and handling of your claim.

7. Hire a reputable attorney.

If points 1 through 6 sounds like a lot of work, hire a reputable attorney. Try to select one from a well-known city. For example, if you reside in New York, pick a personal injury lawyer or go to a personal injury attorney law firm. A legal professional can do the footwork necessary to prove an injury and get you a fair settlement.

In conclusion, don’t behave in a passive manner if an insurance company is arguing about your injuries. Take steps to prove they are real. This way, you can resolve your case in a way that restores your life to a pre-accident condition.


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