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If the insurance company wants me to see their doctor, do I have to see them?

One of the most valuable services that an personal injury lawyer can possibly provide for you is resolving the complicated and frustrating experience of personal injury claim establishment. There are so many vague guidelines surrounding the attitude towards ethics in procedures taken to get more information that it can hard to tell whether or not the system is really on your side in the first place.

The last thing that you’d want to happen is for a company to try having it legally mandated that you go through invasive examinations just to clarify their idea of the best settlement amount. If an insurance company requests that you undergo any kind of examination for the sake of verification, there are a few important aspects that need to be taken into account first.

It’s likely that a company with serious investment in protecting itself from potential false claims will have its own health care provider to refer people to after they’ve consulted their own. The company’s own health care provider being available to provide their own assessment of the claimant lessens the chance of the case hinging on fabricated information.

Insurance Company’s Rights and Responsibilities

Though the insurance company would be within its rights to ask that you consult their own physician in addition to your own, they will have to assume the responsibility of funding your transportation to and from the exam if requested. The facility where the insurance company’s health care provider meets the claimant cannot be too far of a drive from the claimant’s residence.

If for any reason you would like to see the results of the insurance company’s health care provider for yourself, then they are obligated to allow you to read the records. The insurance company is to make a notable attempt to accommodate the claimant’s time constraints and scheduling the date of the examination accordingly.

The Examination Process

Should you see fit, you are allowed to arrange for a third party to be present and bear witness to the examination. Between the claimant, the defendant and the two different health professionals with connections to both, a witness can and often is the deciding factor in how these cases are resolved.

Whether or with or without a witness present to observe the examination, the session will almost always being with the insurance company’s health care provider asking questions about the symptoms of the claimant’s injuries. The doctor will want to be able to confirm both the significance of the symptoms and determine their most likely cause of origin. Most importantly of all, they will want to know how the symptoms have progressed since the time of injury.

While being examined, claimants are to give truthful feedback to all of relevant questions. Inconsistent answers to similar questions asked by the claimant’s health care provider and the insurance company’s health care provider can instantly wipe out any chance of having a strong case.

Proactive Examination Scheduling

While the insurance company may request that the claimant have an appointment with one of their doctors at any time after the claim has been made, the claimant has the freedom to seek out an appointment with their own physician as early as they can physically manage to.

Being able to substantiate the original claim with the examination results of a credible health care provider can be a very effective way to establish the strength of your case convincingly and objectively. In some case filing procedures, the availability of doctors’ records verifying the claimants’ pain as legitimate can be enough to settle the case right out of the gate.

Getting Prepared for a Personal Injury Claim Case

Nobody wakes up in the morning with fun plans to file a claim for getting badly injured, but getting ready for that case scenario by getting legal consultation now can be the most painless choice of all. If you’re an resident, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with an personal injury attorney today.

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