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Hesperia Bus Accident Lawyer Helps Victims Recieve Compensation

For many Hesperia residents, the city bus system is their primary means of transportation. These residents take buses to work, school, doctor’s appointments, and all sorts of activities related to their daily life. However, just like other commercial enterprises and private individuals, California requires that bus drivers and bus companies to use care, safety, and good driving techniques when transporting passengers around the city.

This law is called California’s Common Carrier Law. The law is designed to protect passengers, but when this law is not followed, bus drivers and bus companies put the lives of their passengers at risk. An accident related to mechanical problems, driver mistake, or driver negligence is likely to leave passengers injured and unable to care for their families and homes. In such circumstances, injured passengers may have legal claims in which they can hold drivers and their employers responsible for compensation. To help them understand their rights and correctly file claims, passengers may seek the help of Hesperia Bus Accident Lawyers. Here are some of the ways that a Hesperia Bus Accident lawyer can help you.

1. Investigating Driver Records

When it comes to filing legal claims, one important step is investigating the driver, his or her driving record, and the accident record of the bus company. Most lay people are unaware of how to do this so having an attorney that can perform the investigation and determine what that record means for the client. If the bus driver has a bad previous accident and driving record, then an attorney can help you understand how that fits with claims of negligence on the part of the bus company.
2. Ensuring Bus Maintenance Requirements
California requires public transportation companies to maintain strict maintenance schedules on their buses. An attorney can make legal requests for the maintenance records to determine if the bus company violated the law by failing to maintain their buses and have them inspected regularly. Failing to perform proper maintenance on brakes, engines, steering systems, and transmissions can be a recipe for an accident and can mean disaster for unsuspecting passengers.

3. Representing Passenger Rights

Victims who attempt to file a lawsuit or negotiate with an insurance company themselves are likely to find that they are often hit with roadblocks by other lawyers or insurance companies who are resistant to paying for injuries. Having a lawyer to negotiate victims’ rights can help to ensure that victims are given offers of compensation that are appropriate for their injuries and the effect the accident has had on their lives.

California law allows victims to file claims and lawsuits within six months of a bus accident, but it should be noted that the longer claims go unfiled the harder it can be to receive needed compensation. If you have been injured in a bus accident call Hesperia Bus Accident Lawyers now to learn your rights for compensation.

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