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Hesperia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Nestled in the Mojave Desert north of San Bernardino, California is the town of Hesperia. The desert town off Interstate Highway 15 is a place where homesteaders plant their roots. The large property plots with wide open spaces has become the new frontier for families and individuals who are looking for a rural lifestyle with urban amenities. It’s these rural spaces where traveling great distances are required that make Hesperia a place where vehicular transportation is must. While people don’t equate pedestrian safety with the likes of other modes of transportation than a car, if you’re traveling by foot to the corner or even to your mailbox, take care of all vehicles that could hurt you.

<strong>Off-Road Vehicles</strong>
Living in a rural area allows people to use rather unconventional means of transportation. While it is still technically illegal to drive an unregistered motor vehicle on any street that is maintained and operated by the state. It is legal to drive these vehicles on county maintained roads and connecting private roads. Many of these roads are simply grated dirt by the developers and privately maintained the residents who live there. Because of this, many people feel that the law does not apply to them or they choose to ignore pedestrian safety.

<strong>High Speeds</strong>
With the paved roads often being wide and long, people driving on these roads may have a tendency to drive at unsafe speeds. This may be convenient for the driver on what they may see as a wide open road but for the person walking, running, or riding a bicycle on these roads, it could be a hazard. These roads are hardly ever lined with sidewalks so traveling on the pavement is a necessity. They are also often unlit which could make driving at night difficult. If you’re traveling on one of these roads by foot, take precautions and be alert.

<strong>Alternate Methods of Transportation</strong>
There are many people who do not choose to drive. As a pedestrian, you may be one of them. Having a lack of sufficient public transportation in a rural area can be problematic, though. Many choose to ride a bicycle or small motorized scooter as a means to go short distances. These modes of transportation often lay in a grey area between being a pedestrian and being a vehicle operator. Knowing the rules of the road either as a pedestrian or operator of these modes will increase your awareness and keep you safe.

Hesperia is a booming town with more and more people coming in every year. Many don’t understand the lifestyle of rural living. If you find yourself a victim of one of these people while traveling by foot, call Hesperia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers today.

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