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Lancaster Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Many people are out walking for enjoyment, shopping or going back and forth to work. Pedestrians use the roadways, sidewalks and crosswalks on local and country roads to get around. They do not realize that they are in constant risk of harm from drivers who are not paying attention to walkers and bicyclists on the roads.

Even with state and government regulations protecting pedestrians they are still in harm’s way from drunken drivers, speeders, drivers texting or talking on phones, reckless drivers and drivers who ignore crosswalks and street signs.

Establishing Who Was at Fault

Pedestrians who have become involved in an accident due to the negligence of a driver should seek the advice of an experienced Lancaster pedestrian accident lawyer. After a pedestrian accident the victim has the right to claim compensation for injuries, lost wages, medical bills and rehabilitation if needed. An experienced attorney will talk to the police and obtain the proper police report for the accident.

As the victim, you have the right to compensation and should get medical attention first so the physician’s records can be requested by the attorney on your behalf. The medical records will prove the extent of the injuries that the victim has suffered. Whether the accident was caused by a negligent driver or due to an unsafe intersection or a cracked sidewalk, an attorney will discover who was at fault. Lancaster lawyers are experienced at bringing lawsuits against drivers, the city, county, state or any private entity who has been proven guilty of the negligence that caused the victim to suffer injury.

Aggressive Approach

Lancaster attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who are well prepared to take their clients cases to court. The team of lawyers, paralegals and investigators working on your claim can put together your case to be settled out of court or in the courtroom in order to get you the reasonable compensation that you deserve. They will fight for every penny in order for you to get your life back on track after your unexpected accident.

The scene of the accident will be gone over with a fine toothed comb by the investigators in order to prove who was at fault. The negligent parties will be held accountable for their wrongful actions and the lawyers will not settle for less than the maximum compensation owed to their clients. Victims suffer with unnecessary injuries and pain as well as financial hardships. The lawyers will take every legal option allowed by law to obtain justice for their clients.

Any individual who has been injured as a pedestrian or suffered any personal injury may call a Lancaster lawyer for a free consultation and evaluation of their case. No legal fees are charged to any personal injury case client unless the case is won.

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