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What is a letter of protection used for?

A letter of protection can be defined as a letter that is sent by a personal injury lawyer to a medical professional representing a victim or an automotive accident, a fall, or work injury. A letter of protection guarantees medical treatment payment from the future verdict award or litigation settlements. In many occasions, doctors and hospitals cannot accept the medical insurance of the injured parties as the payment guarantee for the rendered medical services because the private insurance claims look for the driver’s car insurance money to deny responsibility.

Work Injury and Letters of Protection
Whenever someone gets an injury when they are working at their places of duty, the health insurance of the injured person might point the finger at the insurance responsible for worker’s compensation on the part of the employer. The financial liability for the injury may also be redirected to the property or building insurance for instance.

A letter or protection that is drafted by the lawyer representing the injured person allows the injured parties on this occasion to obtain the medical care they may not receive because of cash or credit downtime in exchange for a predicament to pay for the services when the judgment or settlement is laid down. They are all used in all personal injury cases including slip and falls, car accidents, injury caused by negligence, and on-the-job injuries. This piece helps you understand them whenever they are used.

The Letter of Protection use in Automobile Collision Claims
For most doctors, they always write a note that says that you must pay for the services at the time when the services are rendered to the patient. However, most people fail to understand that most medical insurance companies refuse to pay for the medical bills that emanate from an injury caused by the car collisions. They expect the injured person to get help from the automobile insurance carrier as it is their responsibility to take care of the medical bills.

However, the auto insurance liability carriers are not in a position to pay the medical bills instantly. In most cases, they expect that you pay for the medical bill as you so that you can submit the medical bills once you have been discharged so that they can settle your case or they may low-ball you. If you are expected to get medical care for more than six months, the automobile insurance liabilities still expect that you are paying for your medical costs before they come in. Many doctors, as a result, refuse to treat those people through the health insurance if the auto collision caused the injury.

What to do When the Doctor Refuses the Health Insurance Because of the Auto Collision
This is where the letter of protection comes into work with your case. A letter of protection is sent to the medical provider from the injured person’s attorney denoting that they will pay for the medical expenses once the patient has recovered the compensation settlement by the judgment or trial. This is a contract agreement that allows the injured to get the necessary medical care on credit when the doctor agrees to wait for payment when the case concludes. If the attorney obtains a judgment of settle the case, they will ensure that the medical provider gets their payment. If they don’t get recovery, the injured person will be liable for the medical bill. In such cases, the medical provider has a right to pursue their money from the lawyer.

Can the Letter of Protection be used Against You?
Insurance company attorneys always work hard to use the letters of protection against the party that was injured by saying that the doctor was biased because the bill is outstanding. If the insurance paid for the bills immediately after the accident occurred, the letters of protection would not be valid. Many people are placed in a position where they cannot get help apart from the letters of protection. Therefore, they use these letters to avoid responsibility for their bills during the trial.

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